• Research and Exhibitions

    The Vera List Center identifies a focus theme of particular urgency and broad resonance and convenes artists, scholars, activists, public intellectuals, and political and cultural leaders to examine this theme in a variety of programs. Focus themes relate to current events and today’s most pressing world issues and frame the VLC’s programming. The center organizes exhibitions, events, public programs, workshops, and art and research projects that engage students, faculty, and the greater New School community. In doing so, the center draws on the university setting and its resources while reflecting critically on its unique context and institutional history.

    For more information on current and past projects, visit the VLC’s website, veralistcenter.org.

    Vera List Center Publications

    Vera List Center publications advance the center's deep, intensive interdisciplinary research projects. Offshoots of the curatorial focus theme, VLC publications emerge from public program series and enhance the impact of extended projects. In order to make publications useful as teaching tools, VLC ensures interdisciplinarity, affordability, and inclusion of many perspectives on a given subject.

    Current Vera List Center publications include Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency, and Cultural Production; The Vera List Center Field Guide on Art and Social Justice; Speculation, Now; and Considering Forgiveness.

    To learn more about the center's publications, please visit our website.