• Financing Study Abroad

    Students are encouraged to begin planning financing their time abroad early. These pages contain helpful information, but all students should meet with a Student Financial Services counselor to speak individually about their financial aid package. Email sfs@newschool.edu to make an appointment or visit the Student Financial Services office at 72 Fifth Avenue.

    When to Speak with Student Financial Services

    • Before applying for study abroad, to ensure you understand what aid will travel with you and what will not.
    • After applying and being accepted, to notify Student Financial Services of your study abroad plans. You will complete a consortium or contractual agreement at this time, if necessary.
    • After you return or if you cancel, contact Student Financial Services so that your aid can be appropriately readjusted.

    Types of Programs

    In order to understand financing, it is important to understand the type of study abroad program you are participating in and the conditions that apply.

    Internal Programs

    This includes Parsons Paris. Students participating in an internal program pay New School tuition and receive institutional and federal aid for credit through The New School.

    Exchange Programs

    These are study abroad opportunities at universities with which The New School has an exchange agreement, allowing students to pay New School tuition and receive institutional and federal aid but take courses at the host institution.

    Outside Programs

    These are opportunities for students to apply directly to an international host institution or study abroad through a third-party provider. Students participating in outside programs pay tuition and fees directly to the third-party provider or host institution and do not receive institutional aid, but may receive federal aid.

    Type of Aid Internal and Exchange Programs Outside Programs
    Institutional, Dean’s, need-based, or restricted scholarships Yes No
    Federal Pell Grant Yes Yes
    Federal Perkins Loan or Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Yes Contact Financial Services
    Federal Work-Study No No
    New York State Tuition Assistance Program Grant (TAP) Yes No, unless paying tuition to a New York State–based school
    Federal Student Loans Yes Yes
    Federal PLUS Yes Yes
    Private education loans Yes Depends on lender
    Payment plan Yes Depends on host school or program
    External scholarships Yes Contact outside organization for criteria