• Applying for Study Abroad

    So you’re thinking about studying abroad!  

    It’s important to get the application process started early, and adhere to deadlines, so that you can be considered for study abroad programs.

    The information below is for semester and year-long study abroad programs.  You do not need to follow these instructions for summer study abroad approval.  For more information about studying abroad during the summer, please click on Summer Study Abroad below.  

    Please note that applying for study abroad is a multi-step process:  You must submit the New School Internal Study Abroad Approval Application Form first, to be considered for permission to study abroad at your selected program(s).  If approved, you then apply to the program(s) of your choice.  Lang Students: You may submit the Lang Study Abroad Approval Form with your other application materials, and do not require prior approval first.  

  • Deadlines

    Spring 2018

    Lang: Deadlines vary. Email langstudyabroad@newschool.edu.

    All Other Schools: Internal deadline for permission to study abroad: October 6, 2017 

    Deadline to apply directly to your program of choice: varies

    Important Information for Students Applying to Parsons Paris

    • Students applying for Parsons Paris must submit their internal application no later than October 3 in order to allow time to complete the Parsons Paris application.
    • Deadline to apply for Parsons Paris for spring 2018: October 6, 2017

    Step 1: Access the Applications via GoAbroad

    1. Log in to my.newschool.edu.
    2. Under the Academics tab, click the GoAbroad button.
    3. You will see the Program Search tool. Click List All.  
    4. Find the program that is your top choice. If you are interested in a direct enrollment (non-exchange) program, find the specific listing (such as, “Direct Enrollment: Parsons - Central St. Martin’s). If a specific Direct Enrollment listing does not exist for your program, click the “Direct Enrollment & Third Party Programs: Parsons - Other” or “Direct Enrollment & Third Party Programs: Lang” link.
    5. You will be taken to the program listing page. Click the Apply Now button.
    6. Follow the prompts to log in to the system.

    Step 2: Submit Your Internal Application

    Please note: Lang students may submit the Lang Study Abroad Application concurrently with their program application.  All other students must follow these steps first.

    1. Click the New School Internal Study Abroad Approval Application Form link (or Lang Study Abroad Application link if you are a Lang student) and complete the questionnaire.  
    2. Submit your questionnaire when completed. Please note that you will not receive an email of confirmation.  

    3. After submission, your internal application will be reviewed by the study abroad team. You will receive an email if there are any questions or concerns about your application.

    4. If you are approved to apply to study abroad, you will receive an automatically generated email notifying you that the status of your application in GoAbroad has changed. (Lang students: You do not have to wait for this email. You may proceed to the next step.)

    Step 3: Apply to the Program(s) of Your Choice

    1. Open GoAbroad. On your home page, you’ll now see the program(s) that you have access to apply to.  
    2. Click on each program, and follow the provided instructions to apply to the program(s) of your choice.
    3. Apply to the program(s) by their individual deadlines. You will hear back at varying times regarding your application.  

    Step 4: Make it Official: Let us Know!

    1. As soon as you make a decision about study abroad, you must notify your school’s global initiatives team and forward your acceptance letter (Parsons: parsonsglobal@newschool.edu; Lang: langstudyabroad@newschool.edu).
    2. You will receive instructions regarding registering for mobility credits. You must follow these instructions to be properly registered for study abroad.

    Summer Study Abroad

    Summer study abroad falls within your school's Taking Courses Elsewhere program. You do not need to use GoAbroad to apply for summer study abroad. Instead, speak with your Academic or Success Advisor regarding your options for Taking Courses Elsewhere.  

    Students interested in participating in one of Lang's summer faculty-led courses should contact langstudyabroad@newschool.edu for application instructions.  

  • Questions about using GoAbroad?  

    Email: studyabroad@newschool.edu

    Questions about your study abroad programs or options?  
    Email: parsonsglobal@newschool.edu, langstudyabroad@newschool.edu, or your study abroad advisor.