• Events

    Career services hosts an array of events every school year, including career fairs, information sessions, workshops, panels, and lectures. Employer events are excellent networking opportunities. Employers come from a variety of industries and share information about their organizations, industry trends, company culture, and available internships and part-time or full-time paid positions.

    What to Expect

    Events range in size. We hold two large fairs (50+ employers), smaller fairs throughout the year, panels with employers from specific industries, and information sessions, workshops, and lectures run by a single employer. There are opportunities everywhere to connect with employers whom you may not have heard of before.

    How to Prepare

    Develop a personal pitch and have copies of your résumé ready. Make the most of the event by researching ahead of time and following up with employers you are interested in. To learn more about how to prepare for events, visit the preparation page.

    Upcoming Events

    To RSVP for events, please log on to Career Successlink.