• Getting Started Using Starfish

    Starfish, the Student Success Network, is a resource for students. It is a means for faculty and staff to give you feedback about your progress at the university and to help you connect with resources on campus if you need help.

    Why are we using it?

    We want you to succeed at The New School. Starfish makes it easier for us to connect you with resources to help you succeed. We want you to get help when you need it so that you can move forward and successfully complete your degree.

    What will this accomplish?

    Our goal is to make it easier for you to connect with the resources you need to be successful at The New School. Use the scheduling tool to make appointments, and keep an eye on your referrals and flags to track your progress and get help when needed.

    Starfish flags, kudos, and referrals are simply notifications. They do not indicate grades. If you receive a flag or a referral, you are strongly encouraged to take action early and speak with your course instructor, your advisor, and/or a member of the New School staff.

  • Your Right to Know as a Student

    • Faculty do not see flags that have been raised by other faculty members. Flags can only be viewed by you, the faculty member that raised the flag, advisors, and the individuals in the office associated with the flag you received.
    • The Starfish system is not punitive. The main goal of using Starfish is to help you be successful during your time at The New School, as well as stay connected to The New School community.
    • Starfish is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Learn more about what FERPA is and the rights it affords you.
    • Advisors can see all flags and information in Starfish.

    How to Make an Appointment

    When logged into Starfish you can schedule appointments with your advisor, faculty members, and various offices on campus.

      Once you have identified the individual or service you would like to schedule an appointment with in your Success Network or in the Services tab, click the “Schedule Appointment” link located below the contact information.
    1. Use the small calendar on the left to quickly identify days with available office hours (available days are shown in bold).
    2. Available time slots on the selected day will include a “Sign Up” link. Click the “Sign Up” link associated with the desired time slot.
    3. Clicking “Sign Up” opens the Add Appointment form. Complete the form by selecting a reason for the meeting and a course (if relevant). Include an explanation of what you wish to accomplish at the appointment so that your instructor or advisor can be prepared for the meeting.
    4. Click “Submit” to set the appointment. You will receive an email with the appointment details, and the appointment will be listed on your Dashboard.
    5. To change an upcoming appointment click the “Edit” icon to modify the appointment or the “Cancel” icon (x) to cancel it.

    Raise Your Hand/ Request Help

    Help is available! If you have a concern that is impacting your ability to succeed, you can now request help via Starfish, and a corresponding New School staff member will assist you.

    To do so, log into Starfish, The Student Success Network, and click on the “Request Help” button on the left-hand navigation bar. Select from list, the type of help you are requesting from the drop-down menu and add any relevant comments that would help us know how to help you. Options include health concerns, feeling connected, change in financial circumstances, personal difficulties, concern about another student, and much more.

    What to do When You Get a Flag

    Starfish gives faculty members the ability to raise a flag for certain concerns they may be having about students in their course. Flag options include attendance concerns, missing or late assignments, risk of failing, health concerns and much more.

    Here are some step you should follow after you have received a flag.

    1. Don’t panic! Starfish flags are intended to help you be successful during your time here at The New School.
    2. Read through the email you receive and follow the suggested steps to take. Suggestions may include:
    • Schedule time to meet with your instructor
    • Schedule an appointment with your advisor and or the appropriate office on campus to get the support you need.
    • Follow-up with any necessary individuals, offices, and or tutoring recommended to you.

    Still have questions?

    If you still have questions, you can email them to starfish@newschool.edu or you can raise a “Starfish Concern/Question” flag through the Request Help feature in Starfish.