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  • Verify Enrollment or Degree

    Degree and Certificate Students

    Verify Your Enrollment for Financial Aid Lenders (Student Loans)

    The New School automatically notifies the National Student Clearinghouse that a student is enrolled in classes. This information is available to financial aid lenders at the beginning of each academic term, and you should not have to provide any other verification to them.

    If your lender specifically asks you to provide verification before the university has notified the clearinghouse, or if you believe the lender has received inaccurate information from the clearinghouse, you can obtain an enrollment verification letter (request online; instructions below).

    Verify Your Enrollment for Other Purposes

    All options below are available each academic term beginning one week before classes begin and then throughout the term.

  • Print an official Enrollment Verification Certificate - Available Immediately

    This printed certificate can be presented to health insurance providers, housing authorities, banks, and other institutions. Important note: These certificates are NOT accepted by financial aid lenders.

    Available for currently registered students online at Use the Student tab, look in the Enrollment Verification menu and click the link for the certificate.

    Request an Enrollment Verification Letter online

    This option is used for parties that require proof on letterhead.

    Available for currently registered students online at Use the Student tab, look in the Enrollment Verification menu and click the link for the option available on letterhead.

    Use a Third-party Form to Verify Enrollment or Graduation

    Submit the form for the Registrar's Office to complete; mail, fax, or bring in person. You can also email your request from your account to . The completed form can be picked up in person at 72 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor, or mailed to any return address provided. Please allow five business days for processing.

    Third-Party Verification of Your Degree or Certificate

    The National Student Clearinghouse is our authorized agent for degree verification. If a prospective employer or other interested party wishes to verify your degree or certificate, direct them to the website, . The registrar does not provide this service directly.

  • Noncredit Students

    The New School does not maintain academic records of noncredit enrollment. However, noncredit students can obtain a Noncredit Record of Attendance. This letter verifies your attendance in a class as reported by the instructor. It is not an academic evaluation and does not provide a course grade.

    • This service is available only for courses and workshops meeting four sessions or more, and only for events and activities listed with a course number.
    • The request must be submitted at least four weeks before the course end date.
    • There is a $20 nonrefundable fee per course. Payment to The New School by check, money order or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express) must accompany the request.