Public Engagement

How to Use Benefits

    1. Apply for Admission to The Schools of Public Engagement
      • Submit an online application for admission to The Schools of Public Engagement.
      • Forward official transcripts from all previous colleges or post-secondary institutions attended (include military training documentation).
      • Contact an admission counselor by email at or by phone at 212.229.5150 or 800.292.3040 with any questions about your application to The New School.

      Note: You do not need to wait for an admission decision to begin applying for financial aid (step 2), but you must be admitted before you can finalize your financial aid and educational benefits (step 3).

    2. Arrange and Apply for Financial Aid
    3. Once Admitted and You Confirm Enrollment, Finalize Your Paperwork with the Registrar and Student Financial Services
      • Apply for GI Bill Benefits by providing a Certificate of Eligibility to the certifying official in the Registrar's Office.
      • Provide a copy of DD-214 or DD-2384 (issued by your unit) to the certifying official in the Registrar's Office and the VA.
      • Complete the Employer Reimbursement Deferment Form on the Student Services Billing and Payment page.

    After you submit the form, an estimate of the amount to be deferred or billed will be calculated by the manager of Third Party Billing and Payments.

    Note: GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).