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Strategic Design and Management (MS)

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The Evolving New Economy

The master's in Strategic Design and Management, launched in fall 2012, responds to the major restructuring of developed and emerging economies worldwide. Unlike traditional master's degrees in design and management, the MS in Strategic Design and Management incorporates design thinking, service design, and sustainability frameworks. As a design and management graduate student, you focus on the evolving global economy and are exposed to sophisticated real-world perspectives on business, operations, sustainability, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, design innovation, and design research.

Design and Management Online and on Campus

A 36-credit program, Strategic Design and Management combines business, management, and leadership coursework with design-centered studio work. Evening classes and online instruction are available, making this a flexible program that can be completed entirely on campus or primarily online. The online program includes a mandatory week-long intensive workshop held during mid-January on campus in New York City—a global design center and a world financial capital.

New Business Models

Coursework incorporates cutting-edge analyses of the digital information-based economy, which help students develop new business models and organizational designs for the creative industries. Many classes are structured to replicate real-world industry scenarios. These classes provide hands-on experience in designing, managing, and improving design-intensive and creative firms—and help students develop their capacity to inspire and lead creative teams.

Industry Focus

The Strategic Design and Management program seeks students who will be the game changers of the new economy and its new actors—digital firms, social information networks, and co-producing individuals. It is well suited for early- to mid-career professionals and recent graduates seeking to complement their design and business skills with professional application. Students are exposed to new industry contexts and practices, both within and outside of design-intensive industries.

Connection to The New School

The program's connections with industry are matched by its place in the intellectual community of Parsons and other divisions of The New School. Housed in Parsons' School of Design Strategies, the program is part of a leading urban university known for its strengths in design thinking, organizational management, nonprofit management, sustainability management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Global Executive Option

An executive version of the same program, which is structured as a series of six three-day seminars held at the Parsons Paris campus, combined with online learning, hands-on studios, and global experiences in New York and Shanghai. Courses are taken one at a time, and the full program takes about 18 months to complete.

Certificate Option

Parsons also offers an 18-credit graduate certificate in Business of Design. Students must complete six strategic design management, leadership, and innovation courses to qualify for the certificate.