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  • This certificate program offers you a pathway to becoming a skilled interior designer, capable of creating functional, appealing, and sustainable kitchen and bathroom spaces. Through two specialized courses, you acquire the skills needed to transform these essential areas into inspiring environments. Dive into the principles of design, spatial dynamics, material selection, and strategic lighting. Learn to design spaces that are not only visually pleasing but also highly functional. By the end of the program, you will understand in depth the process of designing a kitchen and bathroom, from initial client consultation through the design development phase.

    • Format Online
    • Price $1,870
    • Total Courses 2
    • Course Length 9 weeks
  • Courses 

    Kitchen Interior Design

    This course focuses on the intricate art of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen spaces. Over nine weeks, you learn about layout optimization, material selection, lighting strategies, and sustainable practices. The course equips you with the skills needed to effectively use design software tools and communicate a design vision to clients and fellow professionals. The class takes you through the process of designing a kitchen, from initial client consultation through the design development phase. You receive weekly assignments in which you develop a project, culminating in a final presentation of a comprehensive kitchen design to a hypothetical client.

    Bathroom Interior Design

    In Bathroom Interior Design, you learn to create bathrooms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Over the course of nine weeks, you study ergonomic and efficient layouts, learn to choose practical and attractive materials and suitable and sustainable fixtures, and consider design solutions that improve accessibility and the user experience. By the end of the course, you will have developed a portfolio-ready bathroom project. The course focuses on residential spaces.

  • “This program mixes kitchen and bath design principles with hands-on experience in client and contractor relations. Students will go beyond theory and gain a practical understanding of the entire design process.”

    —Laura Nitz, Director of Adult Continuing and Professional Education

  • Program Highlights

    Who Should Enroll

    • Interior designers wanting to specialize in kitchen and bath
    • Architects seeking specialization
    • Renovation and remodeling professionals
    • Real estate agents and stagers
    • Kitchen and bath showroom consultants
    • Building contractors and builders
    • Home decorators
    • Design consultants

    What You’ll Gain

    • An understanding of efficient spatial arrangement for kitchens and bathrooms
    • Experience designing layouts that maximize functionality and use of space
    • The ability to choose durable materials, finishes, and fixtures
    • The ability to employ strategic lighting for practicality and ambiance
    • Best practices for incorporating sustainability and maximizing energy efficiency in your designs
    • The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with contractors and clients

    How You’ll Learn

    • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
    • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
    • Online collaboration and video conferencing
    • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills 
  • Why The New School?

    The professional landscape as we’ve known it has changed dramatically, and ongoing learning is more important now than ever before. At The New School, we champion every student’s creativity and growth. By combining integrated disciplines with collaborative problem solving, we deliver an immersive, transformative learning experience. With the leadership of Parsons School of Design—a globally top-ranked design school—our faculty imparts the critical expertise students need to advance their careers or pivot to a new one in a constantly evolving world.

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