• Profile:

    As a life-long typographer, designer and artist, I am extremely devoted to typography, books, the printed word, and ink on paper in general. My interest in making books stems from a passion for books instilled in me by my mother when I was a young boy.

    At Parsons School of Design, I teach Typography 1, Explorations in Typography, Typography & Visual Design, Advanced Typography, and Graphic Design

    Currently I am founder and owner of Interrobang Design Studio. I am a winner of the 2002 Graphic Arts Fellowship Award, and a 2005 Parsons Faculty Development Grant. I design, bind, and make miniature books in limited editions. A number of my miniature books have been acquired by the Kellen Design Archives and the Thomas J Watson Research Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their permanent collection.

    Research Interests:

    graphic design, management, printmaking, publication design, typography, bookmaking, photography, cooking

    Awards And Honors:

    AWARDS, EXHIBITIONS and SHOWS | 2008 Solo Photography exhibit, Scafuro/Acosta Gallery Portraits | 2005 New School Faculty Development Grant | 2003 First Place, Scholarly and Reference Books New York Book Show Bartlett's Familiar Quotations | 2003 Type Directors Club abecedarian Exhibit | 2002 The New School, Wollman Hall abecedarian Exhibit | 1997 Best in Show Award New York Book Show Oyster Boy | 1992 New York Club of Printing House Craftsmen Fellowship Award | 1992 Typographers Association of New York Promoting Excellence in Education Award |

    Current Courses:

    Advanced Typography

    Advanced Typography (Spring 2021)

    CD Foundations: Typography

    Explorations in Typography (Spring 2021)

    Graphic Design 1 (Open Campus)

    Graphic Design 1 (Spring 2021)

    Graphic Design 1 (Open Campus)

    Typography 1 (Open Campus)

    Typography 1 (Spring 2021)

    Typography 1 (Open Campus)