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  • Steven Faerm

    Associate Professor of Fashion


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    N - Sheila C. Johnson Design Center - 66 Fifth Avenue

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    Steven Faerm


    Steven Faerm is an Associate Professor of Fashion at Parsons School of Design (Undergraduate Program Director, Fashion Design, 2007-2011).  A Parsons alumnus ('94) and Designer of the Year Nominee, he began teaching in 1998 while working for designers Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, and more. He has been recognized for his teaching by being awarded the University's "Distinguished Teaching Award" and the School's "Faculty Award."

    Steven has taught and lectured for Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Columbia University, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Polimoda in Florence, Donghua University in Shanghai,  Beijing Institute of Fasthion Technology (BIFT), The University of Palermo (UP) in Buenos Aires, The Spero Villioti School in South Africa, and many more.  He has created college- and pre-college programs and courses for Parsons and other international institutions, and has served as an academic advisor for RISD, Pratt Institute, Otis College of Art and Design, VCU, and Marist College. In 2012 he co-founded an academic journal focused on design education and practice with Parsons and UP.

    Steven's areas of scholarship and research include art and design education, pedagogy, and student development. His publications include two books that are featured on international college-level required readings lists and available in seven languages. 

    He is currently writing his third book, Introduction to Design Education: Theory, Research, and Practical Applications for Educators, for Routledge that will be released in 2022/3.

    Degrees Held

    EdM     Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

    MSEd   Bank Street College of Education

    BFA      Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design

    Recent Publications



    Faerm, S.  (2012). Creating a successful fashion collection: Everything you need to develop a great line and portfolio.  New York:  Barron's Educational Series Inc; London:  A & C Black Publishers, Ltd.

    Faerm, S.  (1st ed. 2010, 2nd ed. 2017). Fashion design course: Principles, practice, and techniques.  New York: Barron’s Educational Series Inc.; London: Thames and Hudson.

    Book in Process

    Faerm, S. (2022/3). Introduction to Design Education: Theory, Research, and Practical Applications for Educators.  Abingdon: Routledge.

    Book Forewords and Chapters

    Faerm, S. (2017). The shifting role of the fashion designer. In K. Vaidya (Ed.) Fashion design for the curious: Why study fashion design? Perth: The Curious Academic Publishing, The University of Western Australia.

    Faerm, S. (2013). Foreword.  In Fitzgerald, T. & Taylor, A., 1,000 Dresses: The fashion design resource. New York: Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

    Faerm, S. (2009). Foreword. In Grandon, A. & Fitzgerald, T., 200 projects to get you into fashion design. New York: Barron's Educational Series, Inc.; London: A & C Black Publishers, Ltd.

    Refereed Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings

    Faerm, S. (2020). Students' cognitive and emotional development during the transition from high school to design school. The International Journal of Design Education, (14)4, 61-78.

    Faerm, S. (in print). Evolving 'places': The paradigmatic shift in the role of the fashion designer. Fashion, Style, and Popular Culture.

    Palomo-Lovinski, N. & Faerm, S. (2019). The future of the fashion designer: Changing concepts of the designer and consumer relations in the age of sustainable practice.  Proceedings from the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) 21st Annual Conference. Manchester, UK: Manchester Metropolitan University

    Faerm, S. (2018). Contemplative pedagogy in the college classroom: Theory, research, and practice for holistic student development. Cuaderno. 78, 159-182.

    Palomo-Lovinski, N. & Faerm, S. (2018). Changing rules of the game: Sustainable product service systems and manufacturing in the fashion industry. Cuaderno, 78, 213-226.

    Werner, T. & Faerm, S. (2016). The utilization of commercial media to engage and positively impact communities. Cuaderno, 64, 277-294. 

    Faerm, S. (2015). Building best practices for fashion design pedagogy:  Meaning, preparation, and impact. Cuaderno, 53, 189-213.

    Fry, A. & Faerm, S. (2015). Post-recession consumerism in the U.S.: The influence of cheap and chic consumer products on perceptions of income inequality. Cuaderno, 53, 169-188.

    Palomo-Lovinski, N. & Faerm, S. (2014). Shifting ideas of time and place in fashion. Shapeshifting: A Conference on Transformative Paradigms of Fashion and Textile Design.

    Faerm, S. (2013). From classroom to design room:  The transitional experience of the fashion design graduate. Cuaderno, 48, 129-152. 

    Fry, A., Arakji, R., & Faerm, S. (2013). Achieving the new graduate dream: Building sustainable business success at a small scale. Cuaderno, 48,153-175.

    Faerm, S.  (2012). Towards a future pedagogy:  The evolution of fashion design education.  International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2 (23), 210-219.

    Palomo-Lovinski, N. & Faerm, S.  (2009). What is good design?:  The shifts in fashion education of the 21st Century.  Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, 3(6), 89-98.

    Additional Publications

    Faerm, S. (2018). Targeting 'Z': Marketing and branding strategies for an emerging generation. The Impression.

    Faerm, S. (2018). A world in flux. In F. Knop (Ed.), Cuaderno, 78, 153-158. 

    Faerm, S. (2017). Ten big ideas for the entering class: What really matters in design school. The Impression.

    Faerm, S. (2016). Stress-level 'tilt': 5 effective ways to prevent it.  The Impression.

    Faerm, S. (2016). Emerging theories of value and commodity in design education and professional practice. In F. Knop (Ed.), Cuaderno, 64, 169-174.

    Faerm, S. (2015). Year one, design school: Ups, downs, and all arounds. The Impression. 

    Faerm, S. (2015). Moving from 'what' to 'how' in design industry and education. The Impression.

    Faerm, S. (2015). Interpreting 21st century design thinking: Extreme new worlds.  In F. Knop (Ed.), Cuaderno, 53, 147-152.

    Faerm, S. (2014). Dodging the higher ed. crisis: College tuition, student loans, and how course hybridization can help.  M / I / S / C / Magazine.

    Faerm, S. (2013). A more responsive and responsible design education. M / I / S / C / Magazine.

    Faerm, S. (2013). Why art and design higher education needs advanced pedagogy. M / I / S / C / Magazine.

    Faerm, S. (2013). Finding aesthetic inspiration in a commodity driven world. M / I / S / C / Magazine.

    Faerm, S. (2013). Foreword. In F. Knop (Ed.), Cuaderno, 48, 107-111.

    Research Interests

    pedagogy, design education, student development, fashion design, fashion industry, adult development, design theory, education, education entrepreneurship

    Awards And Honors

    International Foudation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) Award for Best Paper (2019)

    Latin American Congress on Teaching Design, Guest of Honor (2015 and 2017)

    Latin American Meeting of Design, Guest of Honor (2013)

    The Faculty Award (2011)

    The University Distinguished Teaching Award (2008)                                                    

    Designer of the Year Nominee (1994)

    Current Courses

    Design Studio 1

    Fashion & The Narrative

    Fashion & The Narrative (Spring 2020)

    Prof Practices & Portfolio

    Prof Practices & Portfolio (Spring 2020)

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