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    Rinat Sherzer is a New York based, serial social entrepreneur, professor and a public speaker. She is the founder of 'Of Course Global', an innovation consultancy, guiding Fortune 500 companies to tackle complex human challenges by implementing frameworks inspired by science, biology and human-centered-design. Among their clients are; Microsoft , Capital One and Pfizer. Rinat lectures on Social Impact, Gender Equality and Experience Design in Parsons, Cornell, Columbia University and CCS. She holds a bachelor degree in Biotech Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Israel and a MFA in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts, NY. Rinat’s biggest passion is working towards a society with equal rights for all human. She believes the path to equality lies in collaboration and recently gave a TEDx Talk that demonstrates a radical framework to achieve that called - 'The Bloody Taboo With The Power To Change The World'. Rinat mentors women from all over the world, helping them reclaim their power.

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