• Profile:

    Rinat Sherzer is an interdisciplinary biotech engineer, ethical designer, serial social entrepreneur & educator, tackling some of the most complex social issues around equality, diversity and inclusion.

    She has  over 12 years of experience working at the intersection of tech, human centered design & social good. Rinat combines principles from biomimicry, speculative design & ethnographic research to create a cultural shift towards an egalitarian society by exploring the menstrual cycle and de-shaming it which she explained further in her TEDx Talk: The Bloody Taboo With The Power To Change The World.


    She was chosen by the UN to speak in the coming UN Women Summit, March 2020 for Women's International Day.


    Rinat is an Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design and the founder of a Social Innovation Design Consultancy called Of Course Global with clients such as:  Pfizer, Capital One and Microsoft. Rinat mentors women from all over the world, helping them reclaim their power. 


    Her latest project 'What Would The Egg Do?' (, is a series of initiatives: exhibition, documentary, education curriculum, business workshops and book - all exploring what we can learn from the female reproductive system to solve complex human and environmental challenges.

    Current Courses:

    Des&Innov for Sustain Bus. (Open Campus)

    Des&Innov for Sustain Bus. (Spring 2021)

    Integrative Studio 1 (Spring 2021)

    Major Studio 1

    New Design Firms (Spring 2021)