• Raz Godelnik

    Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management


    Raz is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management at the School of Design Strategies, where he served for the past 3 years as the Co-Director of the graduate program in Strategic Design and Management. Raz teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in innovation, leadership, sustainability, business models, and strategic design, and his research explores connections between innovation, sustainability, business and design strategies. Currently he is involved in projects focusing on developing sustainable business models, climate action, and creating a new space exploring sustainability-as-unusual concepts and methods (sandbox Zero). He is also leading a collaboration between Parsons students and refugees in Berlin, working together on entrepreneurial initiatives to address refugee needs in cities and refugee camps.

    Raz is the co-founder of two green startups - Hemper Jeans and Eco-Libris, and has been writing regularly on issues related to sustainable business, climate change and strategic design. He holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Communication and Economics from the Hebrew University.

    Recent Publications:

    Book chapter: Raz Godelnik and Jen van der Meer, “Sustainable Business Models in an Entrepreneurial Environment,” in Sustainable Business Models: Innovation, Implementation and Success, ed. Annabeth Aagaard (Springer International Publishing, 2019), 239–76.


    "Design For The Climate Crisis At The Age Of Greta,” Prototypr, 2019,

    "What Is The Value Of The Circular Economy Without Sustainability,” Medium, 2019,


    Research Interests:

    sustainability in business, climate change, new business models, strategic design, refugee crisis, circular economy

    Current Courses:

    Bus. Model&Strat for Soc. Imp. (Open Campus)

    Bus. Model&Strat for Soc. Imp. (Summer 2019)

    Design Innovation + Leadership

    Design of Business

    Econ & Ethics of Sust Design

    Sustainable Business Models

    Sustainable Systems