• Profile:

    Molly Davy is a writer and researcher from Minneapolis, MN, now based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work focuses on the intersections between gender, performance and the archive. She is a Teaching Administrator at Parsons School of Design, a title comprised of the dual positions: Part-Time Faculty in the School of Art, Design History, and Theory and Program Administrator for the MFA program in Transdiciplinary Design and the BFA program in Integrated Design in the School of Design Strategies. Molly teaches introductory courses and research seminars in Visual Culture. She is Secretary of the Parsons Staff Council, an advisory body to the administration of the school, and a resource for Parsons staff members.


    Degrees Held:

    B.A. St. Catherine University

    M.A. New York University 

    Research Interests:

    mail art and the USPS, *women on the internet, printed matter and the politics of the archive, media epistolaries, Nelson Sullivan's videography, disco, childhood, tote bags as cultural totems, etymologies, eBay image research and the retired objects of material culture (uncommon methods, uncommon subjects).

    Current Courses:

    ARS: Visual Culture (Spring 2020)

    Intro to Visual Culture: Rec (Spring 2020)