• Harpreet Sareen

    Assistant Professor, Interaction and Media Design


    Harpreet Sareen is a visual artist and HCI researcher focused on building artifacts and ecologies for new hybrid realities. He seeks to identify elements of versatility in the digital world and blend them in novel ways with the traditionally immutable physical world. To this end, he invents technologies or new means to harness interaction possibilities. Harpreet is a graduate from the Fluid Interfaces group of MIT Media Lab. His prior experiences range from academia to museums to studios, having worked at institutions such as Microsoft Research, National University of Singapore, Ars Electronica, Moonraft Labs and more. His work has been covered by MIT Tech Review, CNN, ScienceMag, and The Wall Street Journal, and has been showcased at venues such as Ars Electronica Festival and MIT Museum. He was named as an MIT Technology Review Under 35 Innovator in India 2013.

    Current Courses:

    Biodesign Challenge Studio

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Fall 2019)

    Major Studio 1

    Major Studio 1 (Fall 2019)

    Thesis Studio 2