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    A global change agent and creative leader spearheading strategies with innovative vision, and executing with a highly evolved design aesthetic, and interruptive marketing expertise.  Re-inventing, re-energizing, and re-engaging brands has been at the forefront of these strategies in creating global brand positioning. 

    An effective problem solver and futurist with the keen ability to connect creative and business strategies through team development, creation and commercialization of product, brand development, and marketing strategies that connect in all channels of retail, and ultimately deliver a new experience to the consumer.  An experienced creative director executing and highlighting these skills across a wide range of industries, including: home, sport, apparel, accessories, jewelry, and beauty.

    As a founder of the creative agency SPRQ, Edward partners with entrepreneurial start-ups as well as evolving business models shepherding them toward their new North Star.

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    XRC Mentor Board member

    ELabs Mentor Board Member

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    Design Leadership & Mgmt

    The Skilled Professional (Open Campus)

    Managing Creative Proj Teams

    New Design Firms

    Business Models & Ent Strategy