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  • Caroline Dionne

    Assistant Professor of History and Theory of Design Practice and Curatorial Studies


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    Caroline Dionne


    Caroline Dionne is Assistant Professor in the History and Theory of Design Practice and Curatorial Studies at Parsons School of Design. She is a writer, curator, critic, and scholar interested in design activism, the politics of speech and action, and the relationship between language and space. Trained in the History and Theory of Architecture (PhD Arch 2005) and working form an interdisciplinary perspective, her research sits at the intersection of literature, language theories, architecture, and social movements. She is currently completing a book on the architectural "lessons" found in Lewis Carroll's literary and scientific experiments. Both her scholarship and teaching are concerned with questions of collectivism and collaboration, with focus on the relationship between speech acts and processes of placemaking/place-keeping. Some of her recent publications can be found in A Lexicon for Designing in Dark Times (Bloomsbury, 2020), Reading Architecture: Literary Imagination and Architectural Experience (Routledge 2018), OASE 96 Social Poetics: The Architecture of Use and Appropriation (NAI, 2016), and Architecture's Appeal (Routledge 2015).

    Professional Affiliation

    Member of CAA - College Art Association
    Member of SAUTE - Swiss Association of University Teachers in English

    Recent Publications

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

    Dionne, Caroline. “A leap of faith in the realm of the possible.” OASE 96, Social poetics: the architecture of use and appropriation (2016): 73-78.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Lewis Carroll on Architectural Meaning.” Montreal Architectural Review 01 (2014): 31-46.


    Chapters in Books (peer-reviewed)

    Dionne, Caroline. “We Build Spaces with Words: Spatial Agency, Recognition and Narrative.” In Reading Architecture; Literary Imagination and Architectural Experienceedited by Angeliki Sioli and Yoonchun Jung. London: Routledge, 2018.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Made in Usage: Architecture in Furetière’s Dictionnaire Universel.” In Architecture’s Appeal, edited by Marc J. Neveu and Negin Djavaherian, 67-78. London: Routledge, 2015.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Architectural Creativity in Lewis Carroll’s The Vision of the Three T’s.” In Architecture and Authorship, 30-39. London: Black Dog Publishing, 2007.  

    Dionne, Caroline. “Lewis Carroll: A Man Out Of Joint, The Anonymous Architect of Euclid’s Retreat.” In Chora: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture, Vol. 4, edited by Alberto Pérez-Gómez and Stephen Parcell, 1-24. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2004.


    Chapters in Books

    Dionne, Caroline. “Speech.” Designing in Dark Times: An Arendtian Lexicon. Eduardo Staszowski and Virginia Tassinari (eds.), London: Bloomsbury, 2020. 

    Dionne, Caroline. “An Architecture of Social Engagement.” In L-Architects, ed. by Heinz Wirz, Luzern: Quart Verlag, 2019.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Fenêtre sur l’espace introspectif / Introspective Space: Enter Here! Caroline Dionne in discussion with Jonas Dahlberg.” In Jonas Dahlberg: Hall of Mirrors, 36-43. Lausanne: Archizoom, 2013. 

    Dionne, Caroline. “La question du programme: expérience et fiction.” Postface of Mondes visibles/Villes archipel, 242-247. Lausanne: ALICE EPFL, 2012.


    Book Reviews

    Dionne, Caroline. Review of The Design Philosophy Reader. Edited by Anne-Marie Willis, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018, Journal of Design history (forthcoming).


    Edited monograph

    Dionne, Caroline and Denise Bratton, ed. The architecture of Richter & Dahl Rocha. Berlin: Birkhäuser, 2007.


    Books in Progress

    Dionne, Caroline. Running Out of Place: The Language and Architecture of Lewis Carroll (manuscript in preparation).

    Dionne, Caroline. People and Places: Swiss Love Stories (manuscript in preparation).


    Other Publications – Selected

    Dionne, Caroline and Sreshta Rit Premnath. “Giving Voice.” In Playing The Auditorium: Kabir Carter, published in the context of The Festival of New, The New School, 2019.

    Dionne, Caroline, and Patrick Bouchain. “Pratique de l’utopie: des brèches pour l’action.” Special issue published in the context of the exhibition “Théâtres en utopie” at Lieu Unique, Nantes, Tracés 140 (2014): 4-8. 

    Dionne, Caroline. “Des récits qui instruisent: la fable comme source d’un savoir architectural.” Re-vue Malaquais, Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais 01 (2014): 22-27.

    Dionne, Caroline. “La ville assiégée.” Previoulsy published in Tracés 138, no. 02 (2012): 5. Special issue in the context of the Paris-Chaillot exhibition “Architecture en uniforme,” Tracés 140 (2014): 3. 

    Cohen, Jean-Louis, Guy Ansellem, Caroline Dionne and Christophe Catsaros. “Une architecture de la défense passive, Entretien avec Jean-Louis Cohen et Guy Amsellem.” Special issue, Tracés 140 (2014): 4-5.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Angle mort de l’architecture moderne.” Previoulsy published in Tracés 138, no. 02 (2012):16. Special issue, Tracés 140 (2014): 6-11.

    Dionne, Caroline. “L’architecture incrémentaliste au service du savoir-vivre.” Special issue published in the context of the exhibition Lucien et Simone Kroll, une architecture habitée, Lieu Unique, Nantes, Tracés 139 (2013): 4-7. 

    Dionne, Caroline. “Chez Le Corbusier.” Heimatschutz / Patrimoine 3 (2012): 30-31.

    Dionne, Caroline, Hahne, Antoine, Cochard, Julien. “Une architecture qui façonne paille et terre crue.” Tracés 138, no. 02 (2012): 6-11.

    Dionne, Caroline. “La ville assiégée.” Tracés 138, no. 02 (2012): 5.

    Cohen, Jean-Louis, Mirko Zardini and Caroline Dionne. “Une architecture de la défense passive.” Tracés 138, no. 02 (2012): 6-9.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Angle mort de l’architecture moderne.” Tracés 138, no. 02 (2012):16.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Culture - Réceptifs à la ville.” Special issue “Geneve bouge”. Hochparterre 11 (2011): 28-31.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Moving Around.” Published alongside Alexandre David’s “Moving Around” exhibition. YYZ Blog, January 2011, http://www.yyzartistsoutlet.org/2011/01/moving-around-by-caroline-dionne/.

    Dionne, Caroline. “La bibliothèque du Tribunal fédéral fait peau neuve.” Heimatschutz/Patrimoine, no 3 (2011): 8-19.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Projeter ensemble : utopie ou réalité ?” PNR 54 - Développement durable de l’environnement construit 01 (2009): 30-31.

    Dionne, Caroline. & Van der Poel Cedric. “Espace TILT.” In Tumbleweed, 7. Lausanne: ALICE EPFL, 2010.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Machine de verre.” Tracés 136, no. 01 (2010): 7-10.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Haut lieu d’hospitalité.” Tracés 135, no. 22 (2009): 7-10.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Valider les savoirs ancestraux.” Tracés 135, no. 18 (2009): 33-34.

    Bouchain, Patrick, and Caroline Dionne. “Mobile et immobile, Entretien avec Patrick Bouchain.” Tracés 135, no. 13-14 (2009): 10-13.

    Motta, Liliana, and Caroline Dionne. “L’art de la découverte, Entretien avec Liliana Motta.” Tracés 135, no. 13-14 (2009): 6-9.

    Dionne, Caroline. “La vie rêvée des nouveaux urbanistes.” Tracés 135, no. 02 (2009): 5.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Le culte de la ville parfaite.” Tracés 135, no. 02 (2009): 6-9.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Du bon et du mauvais architecte.” Tracés 134, no. 13-14 (2008): 6-9.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Densifier la banlieue.” Tracés 134, no. 07 (2008): 5.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Bien vivre ensemble.” Tracés 134, no. 07 (2008): 7-14.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Lausanne miniature.” Tracés 133, no. 21 (2007): 27-32.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Envoûtements bananiers.” Tracés 133, no. 20 (2007): 19-20.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Espaces pour la petite enfance, jeux et symptômes.” Tracés 133, no. 18 (2007): 23-30.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Adopt a Myth.” In Pelletier, Louise and Alberto Pérez-Gómez, ed. 70 Architects. Montreal: Centre de Design de l’Université du Québec à Montreal, 2007.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Le dehors de l’architecture : sur quelques installations de Samuel Roi-Bois.” Spirale 210 (2006): 49-50.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Deux vues d’ensemble.” In Alexandre David, 2-3. Montreal: Galerie B-312 2005.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Fine Fine Dust.” In D’Or: Explorations in Psychic Geography, 9-16. Vancouver: Or Gallery, 2003.

    Dionne, Caroline. “Le monologue/The Monologue.” In Samuel Roy-Bois exhibition, i-vi. Montreal: Gallery Articule, 2003. 

    Dionne, Caroline. “Gregor Schneider: des mouvances limitrophes.” ETC Montréal : revue de l’art actuel 63 (2003): 28-34.

    Dionne, Caroline. “On Words and Paradoxes: Lewis Carroll at the Interstices of Architectural Discourse.” In Progress Report 2002, Ph.D. dissertations in architectural history and theory, 10-13. Montreal: McGill University School of Architecture, 2002. 

    Dionne, Caroline. “What are you looking at: Lewis Carroll’s photographs and the paradoxes of perception.” Public 21(2001): 78-86.

    Current Courses

    Keeping Place, Making Time
    PGHT 5006, Fall 2023

    Past Courses

    Discourses in Design
    PGDS 5005, Spring 2023

    Independent Study
    PGHI 5900, Spring 2023

    Keeping Place, Making Time
    PGHT 5006, Fall 2022

    M + M: Design Activism
    PGHT 5798, Fall 2022

    Maintenance of Status
    PGHT 5931, Spring 2023

    Making + Meaning: History
    PLHT 3015, Fall 2022

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