• Allyson McDavid

    Assistant Professor of Ancient Material and Visual Culture


    Allyson McDavid is Assistant Professor of Ancient and Material Culture at Parsons. She received her PhD in art history and archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She holds a MArch and a BA in architecture from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley. Combining theory with practice, her research interests include architectural history and theory from antiquity to the present, with specialization in the archaeology of Classical Greek, Roman, Late Antique, and Byzantine monumental art. With over a decade of experience in architectural practice and archaeological fieldwork on ancient sites in Greece, Italy, Sicily, Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine, Allyson focuses on renovation, conservation and sustainability of the built environment, and the role of politics, the economy, and cultural ideologies in artistic patronage. Allyson has taught undergraduate courses in art, architecture and urbanism in New York University’s Department of Art History. Publications include articles in Classical New York: Discovering Greece and Rome in Gotham (New York, 2018), Masons at Work: Architecture and Construction in the Pre-Modern World (Philadelphia, 2012), EGERIA: Mediterranean Medieval Places of Pilgrimage (Athens, 2009), the Journal of Roman Archaeology and the European Architectural Histories Network.

    Current Courses:

    Ancient Art (Spring 2019)

    Histories of Architecture

    Intro to Arch Theory: Lec

    Intro to Arch Theory: Lec (Spring 2019)

    Intro to Arch Theory: Rec (Spring 2019)

    Objects as History

    Theory of the Interior

    Theory of the Interior (Spring 2019)