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    Assistant Professor of Interiors, Objects, and Technology


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    Michele Gorman


    Michele Gorman is the Director of the Masters of Fine Arts Interior Design Program and Assistant Professor of Interiors, Objects, and Technologies in the School of Constructed Environments. 


    As a designer and technologist, Michele has designed and built a number of award winning objects, exhibitions, and spaces for clients such as the Public Theater, Target, Green-Wood Cemetery, New School’s Center for Data Art, ArchiteXX. As a design educator, she has worked towards a radically inclusive pedagogy in co-authorship with institutions in the Global South and North. Her upcoming co-authored chapter contribution is titled “The Radically Inclusive Studio: an open access conversation on inclusive practices within the design studio.” She has spoken and hosted workshops internationally this past year on inclusive pedagogy within the distributed studio, catalyzed by the global pandemic and pivot to online learning. Michele is committed to addressing social and environmental justice within the profession and academy. She has collaborated with interdisciplinary collegues and students in Parsons to launch the Decolonized & Decarbonized Dinner Party Talks + Workshops in 2022. Michele began teaching at Parsons in 2016.  

    Degrees Held

    Masters of Architecture (Rhode Island School of Design) and BS Interior Design (University of North Carolina, at Greensboro, magna cum laude)

    Recent Publications

    “The Radically Inclusive Studio: an open access conversation on inclusive practices within the architecture studio”. co-authored with Michele Gorman (US), Jolanda Morkel (South Africa), Lindy Osborne Burton (Australia), Hermie Delport (South Africa). Upcoming chapter contribution toThe Routledge Companion to Architectural Pedagogies of the Global South, edited by Harriet Harriss and Ashraf Salama,Ane Gonzalez Lara 2022.

    Companion website: The Radically Inclusive Studio: an open access conversation on radically inclusive practices in the design studio. 


    Performances and Appearances

    Recent Talks, Collaborations, Roundtables, Workshops, Written Contributions, Interviews, Exhibitions and Dinner Parties:


    Decolonized & Decarbonized Dinner Party Talks and Workshops (Gorman, Chaparro, Gopinath), 2022

    Roundatable at Pratt Institute SoA on Spatial Collectives, upcoming 

    Design Studios for Sustainable Cities and Communities: A Radically Inclusive Perspective, for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11: sustainable cities and communities (Delport, Morkel, Gorman, Osborne-Burton), 2022

    Interview for Learning Design Voices on The Radically Inclusive Studio and feminst design collectives, (interviewed by Daniela Gachago and Maha Bali) 2022

    Present Gradeless Assessment Pilot to Parsons School Curriculum Committee, (Gorman, Matejcik, Perez de Vega, Goti)  2022

    Talk on Radical Design Pedagogy and Gradeless Assessment for Cotter Christian's Design Teaching seminar, 2022

    Talk on Mistresses of Design Dinner Party and Spatial Collectives for Kimberly Ackert's Raising Looking Beyond: Glass Ceiling seminar (Gorman, Imperiale), 2022 

    Interior Design Education Council: The Anatomy of the Syllabus: Dismantling Power in Teaching Interiors (Gorman, Christian, Khew, Bennett, Elefterin), 2021

    EAAE Workshop: Judging from A Distance: Observations and Provocations Towards Inclusive Online Design Feedback and Assessment Practices (Gorman, Delport, Morkel, Osborne-Burton), 2021

    Unsettling Paradigms: The Decolonial Turn, Towards an Alternative / Inclusive Paradigm (Gorman, Delport, Morkel, Osborne-Burton), 2021

    Parsons Curriculum Day: Future Visioning for the Radically Inclusive Studio (Gorman, Delport, Morkel), 2021

    Talk on Fabricating in Mixed Reality for Jonsara Ruth's MFA Interior Design Fabrication and Processes course, 2021

    Parsons MFA Interior Design Roundtable series, 2021

    MFA ID ROUNDTABLE: (In)Dangered Domesticity; MFA ID Roundtable: The Political Power of InteriorsMFA ID ROUNDTABLE: Decoloniality + Participatory Design

    Constructing the Virtual Studio, 2020 + 2021

    HELTASA: Inclusive Spatial Practices for Professional Education, 2021

    Immersive Environments Workshops: Part 1, 2, 3 ,4, 2020

    Towards an Equitable School: Equitable Town Hall I + II, Pratt School of Architecture, 2020

    Public Workshop / Collaborative Engagement: Radical Education Today: Architecture and Posthuman Life (New School), 2020 (Gorman and Perez de Vega), 2020

    Gorman, M., Perez de Vega, E, Harriss, H., Morton, T. 2020, Decolonizing the Architecture Review: A Case Study in Designing an Equitable Review, Pratt Institute, online video, Talks.

    The Dinner Party, Mistresses of Pratt, Coordinator of a 40 person team of faculy, students, staff. Coordinating the making and designing of unique place settings, food, drink and event, licenses, media, websites, researchers, and special guests for feminist dinner party performance and event at President Frances Bronet’s House, March 2020.

    CodeXX Feminist Roundtables + Design Action Exhibitions, 2013-current 

    Exhibitions: Now What?! Advocacy, Activism, and Alliances in American Architecture since 1968, 2018 in collaboration with ArchiteXX

    Feminist Roundatables around the theme of New Feminist Practices and Ecofeminism: Feminist Domestic Mutations, 2020, Xenofeminism and the Post Natural, 2019

    WIKIPEDIA EDIT-A-THON SESSIONS, 2016-current: A feminist Wikipedia workshop to write the women of architecture into Wikipedia. 

    CodeXX Roundtable discussion series: Curator, Coordinator + Researcher for a series of topics affecting women in design. “Future Practices”, “Surface Matters: Sandra Wheeler”, “Engineering Tactics: Mediating Designn, Politics, + Practice: Eunjeong Seong, + The Environmental Tipping Point in Design: “Can Design Save the Climate Refugee?” 2015 Jan ‘13- present 

    Exhibitions: Private Choices, Public Spaces, 2014 (New School) in collaboration with ArchiteXX. Provides a venue for exhibiting designs, meeting, presentations, and design reivews for the last abortion clinic in Mississippi based around the research of Lori Brown. 

    Public Workshop / Collaborative Engagement: Radical Education Today: Architecture and Posthuman Life (New School), 2020 (Gorman and Perez de Vega) 

    Public Talk: Hour lecture on Michele Gorman’s creative work for Architecture, Objects, Technology and Social Justice at Parsons School of Constructed Environments 

    Zoom Talk: HELTASA (Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa) 2020 Conference: INCLUSIVE SPATIAL PRACTICES FOR PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION: EXPLORING THE ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO, (Delport, Gorman, Morkel, Osborne, Burton), December 3rd, 2020, 

    Zoom Talk: Creating a Virtual Commons, Urban Morphologies: Teaching Architecture Online: Methods and Outcomes, May, 2020 (Gorman) 

    Zoom Talk: Gorman, M. 2020, Creating a Virtual Commons, Pratt Institute Consortium for Research and Robotics, online video, viewed June 17, 2020, . 

    Zoom Talk: Mistresses of Architecture, Fosters and Partners, 2020. 

    Zoom Talk: SoA Equitable Town Hall I, II, II, 2020 / 2021 

    Zoom Listening Session: Towards an Equitable School, 2020, Co-hosted with Jerrod Delaine, 2020  

    Research Interests

    Social Justice and Design Activism, Climate Justice, Interiority, Intensifying Spaces though Mixed Realities, Democratizing Technology, Radically Inclusive Pedagogy and Curricula, Decoloniality in Design, Post-Natural Ecologies  


    The Radically Inclusive Studio

    Future Courses

    Design Studio 4: Thesis
    PGID 5301, Spring 2023

    Past Courses

    Design Studio 4: Thesis
    PGID 5301, Spring 2022

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