Student Employment

  • Professional Performance Opportunities

    Mannes Gig Office

    Mannes' gig office organizes opportunities for students to participate in solo, ensemble, and orchestral performance work outside of the normal curriculum. These paid opportunities offer students valuable experience as performers.

    For information about these opportunities, contact

    Annabelle Avenier-Ramirez
    Performance and Ensemble Manager

    212.580.0210 x4807

    On-Campus Employment

    Numerous on-campus positions are available at Mannes and The New School, ranging from orchestra librarian and student office assistant to concert usher and audition week ambassador. Visit individual offices to learn about available positions.

    International students are allowed to work on campus only and are encouraged to see the International Student Adviser for further information on work eligibility.

    Students must have a U.S. Social Security number in order to apply for work on campus. The Mannes Business Office manages payroll for student on-campus employment.

    Off-Campus Employment

    For information about off-campus employment and career building opportunities, visit the Center for Student Success.