Awards for 2013-2014

Daniel Beliavsky, Part-Time Faculty, Jazz and Contemporary Music. A grant of $4,000 supports “Fantasy Pieces,” a film about composer David Del Tredici’s music and its cultural significance within and outside the gay community.

Emanuele Castano, Associate Professor of Psychology, NSSR. A grant of $9,000 supports “The psychological consequences of reading and writing fiction,” a research project investigating the social impacts of engaging with fiction.

Mark Greif, Assistant Professor of Literary Studies, Lang and Zisan Ugurlu, Associate Professor of Theater, Lang. A grant of $5,000 supports “When the Bubble Burst: An Encounter Between the Parties to Financial Crisis,” a theatrical project bringing together various parties to the 2007-8 financial crisis from bankers to retirees, to stage a reading of letters from Greif’s book ‘The Trouble is the Banks’.

Deanna Kamiel, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, NSPE. A grant of $8,000 supports “Newsstand,” a film documenting the journey of print communication from newspapers to digital online formats through various stories across the world, from a family-owned newsstand on the upper west side to kiosks in Bombay and London.

Warren Spielberg, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, NSPE and Nitin Sawhney, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, NSPE. A grant of $9,000 supports “No Man’s Land: Hearing the Voices of Young Men in East Jerusalem,” a research project combining psychological and media interventions to understand the impact on young Palestinian men of living in a conflict zone in East Jerusalem.

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