• Overview

    Students are introduced to philosophical traditions, approaches, questions, and ways of thinking. Learn more about the Philosophy program.


    Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School.  


    Requirements for the Minor in Philosophy

    The minor in Philosophy requires completion of the following five (5) courses:
    Two Core Courses

    LPHI 2010 Philosophy 1: Ancient
    LPHI 2020 Philosophy 2: Modern

    Three Additional Philosophy Courses. Of these, all must be 3000-level or higher. Only one can be a cross-listed course or another course taken outside the concentration; this course must be approved by the chair.

    Total credits: 20

    Students must receive a grade of C or better in every course used to fulfill area of study requirements.

    Self-Designed Major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts)

    Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts can pursue deeper study in this subject area through the self-designed major. To explore this, contact an academic advisor and read more about the self-designed option at Lang.