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    The Impact Entrepreneurship Fellowship is a two-year cohort experience designed to attract and support high-potential leaders from diverse backgrounds committed to creating social impact through entrepreneurship while pursuing a master's degree at The New School. Through the Fellowship, we aim to catalyze the creation of a more inclusive economy by making entrepreneurship education, resources, and networks more accessible to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds during the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Fellows benefit from courses and mentorship that support them in developing a strong application for the Venture Lab in their second year. Selected individuals may be eligible for a merit-based scholarship in addition to any tuition discount from their program of study.   

    Benefits of the Fellowship

    • Enrollment in the Fellowship Cohort course during the fall semester of the student’s first year.
    • Opportunity to complete a Graduate Minor in Impact Entrepreneurship by enrolling in additional entrepreneurship-focused courses.
    • Regular cohort meetings and networking events during the academic year.
    • Peer support from a community of socially minded innovators.
    • Access to individual mentorship and advising from experienced staff, faculty, and mission-driven entrepreneurs. 
    • Access to seed funding and prize money through participation in the Venture Lab course during the student’s second year.
    • A 50 percent scholarship for their program of study at The New School.* 

    *Students who are selected for the Fellowship may be eligible for a supplemental scholarship if their program of study offers a scholarship of less than 50 percent. Applicants for admission to The New School are also strongly encouraged to submit the FAFSA to be considered for federal loans.

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