• Curricular Pathways

    Curricular Pathways

    The Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative has created a curated list of master’s-level courses relating to social innovation and entrepreneurship at The New School. We encourage graduate-level students who are interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship to choose their electives from the following courses in order to advance their academic and professional interests. It is our hope that the information provided here will serve as a tool that can be used to help graduate-level students navigate these choices.

    We view entrepreneurship as a journey that involves various types of learning at different stages. Often, this learning takes place in different contexts, as well. Each student may have different needs, depending on their respective goals, background, and experience, as well as the degree program in which they are enrolled at The New School.

    To help students select appropriate courses and take advantage of the rich curricular offerings across various colleges at The New School, we have identified relevant courses across four thematic areas: Innovation, Management, Leadership, and Impact. We believe the courses offered in these categories will support the development of entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, and knowledge that students need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Please note that while a course is posted in one specific category, it may be relevant to more categories.

    These themes include courses that cover diverse topics and are offered in both the fall and spring semesters.

    Below is an illustrative list of course offerings in the coming semester. Course offerings change each semester and some courses are not taught each semester. Please keep in mind that some courses may have prerequisites or other limitations as indicated in the Online Course Catalog. We will do our best to update this information each semester. If we have missed a course you think should be included, please email the Impact Entrepreneurship team at impactentrepreneur@newschool.edu.

    We recognize that as an emerging leader, social changemaker, or early-stage impact entrepreneur, you likely have interests and passions related to specific social or environmental issues (e.g., gender, race, sustainability, education, human rights, employment). There are many other courses offered at The New School that are focused on specific issues beyond those indicated under the theme of "Impact." We encourage you to explore the Online Course Catalog to identify courses that reflect your interests.

  • Innovation

    Examples of course topics that support students in researching an innovation opportunity, ideating multiple solutions, prototyping, and validating assumptions:

    • Market Research
    • Research Design and Data Collection
    • Designing for Usability
    • Venture Lab

    Visit the course catalog for a full list of courses related to innovation for spring 2018 and fall 2018.


    Examples of course topics that prepare students to build, grow, and operate an enterprise:

    • Sustainable Business Models
    • Management and Organizational Behavior
    • Fundraising and Development
    • Finance for Media Managers

    Visit the course catalog for a full list of courses related to management for spring 2018 and fall 2018.


    Examples of course topics that provide a foundation for establishing and leading strong teams:

    • The Science and Art of Leadership Development
    • Media Management and Leadership
    • Leadership and Team Building
    • Ethical Decisions and Leadership

    Visit the course catalog for a full list of courses related to leadership for spring 2018 and fall 2018.


    Examples of course topics that provide the deeper contextual knowledge needed to achieve social impact with the potential for systemic change:

    • Children, Rights, Poverty, Equality
    • Communities in Urban Development
    • Sustainability Perspectives and Practices
    • Re-imagining Social Movements

    Visit the course catalog for a full list of courses related to impact for spring 2018 and fall 2018.