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  • Global Mental Health (Graduate Minor)

  • Overview 

    The Global Mental Health graduate minor is offered through The New School for Social Research.

    The Global Mental Health graduate minor seeks to investigate individual and contextual factors contributing to the ever-increasing number of people living with mental health disorders worldwide. It also prepares students to pursue careers in which they can participate in the design, evaluation, and delivery of mental healthcare in low-resourced contexts. 

    The minor aims to foster innovation and scholarship around some of the most pressing issues in global mental health today through courses that create spaces for interdisciplinary exchanges between faculty, students, and practitioners. Courses also draw on a variety of disciplines and methodologies to help students critically examine mental health treatment gaps and disparities in care. Students pursuing this minor will gain a foundation of knowledge relevant to the pursuit of careers and further study in fields such as clinical psychology, human rights, international policy, and public health.    

    Students are encouraged to attend meetings and seminars hosted by the Trauma and Global Mental Health Lab. Current research focuses on refugee mental health and psychosocial support, hospital-based mental health detection and prevention, human rights and global mental health, and laboratory-based work.


    This graduate minor requires successful completion of 9 credits. Students generally select one course from each of the subject areas in the chart below.

    Course availability may vary from semester to semester. Some courses may be in development and offered at a later time. Students seeking to pursue alternative coursework in other subject areas to fulfill the minor should consult with the Global Mental Health faculty advisor. Available courses for spring 2022 are hyperlinked below.

    Subject Area

    Course options


    Fundamentals in Global Mental HealthGPSY 6436 / UTNS 5436: Global Mental Health 3
    Child Development and Global Mental HealthGPSY 6440 / UTNS 5144: Child and Adolescent Global Mental Health3
    Implementation ScienceGPSY 6451: Designing Mental Health Interventions for Low-Resource Settings3

    Learning Outcomes 

    A student who has completed this graduate minor should be able to demonstrate:

    • A strong understanding of the factors underlying the global burden of mental health issues and the gaps in treatments, especially in low-income contexts

    • Knowledge of the theoretical models and methods used to guide the development, implementation, and assessment of interventions

    • Development of research skills employed in the delivery and assessment of mental health interventions across diverse contexts and communities


    Adam Brown, Associate Professor of Psychology


    The Global Mental Health graduate minor is available to graduate degree students across The New School.

    Students can retroactively count successfully completed courses toward a minor upon declaring. After students successfully complete the minor’s requirements, the completed minor will appear on their academic transcripts at graduation.

    For questions about this minor, please contact Adam Brown at

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