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  • My New Source (eProcurement)

    In keeping with university initiatives for improving process efficiency and enhancing user experience, Finance and Business is pleased to announce the implementation of My New Source, a new online procurement system for ordering goods and services.

    My New Source enables New School employees to request or purchase goods and services in a completely paperless, online environment, aligning with the university’s climate change initiative. In addition, electronic Procurement and Accounts Payable forms, such as Check Disbursement Requests, can be accessed. Users will be able to observe the progress of their requests and purchases in real time and benefit from faster processing times.

    Preferred suppliers with negotiated pricing are highlighted to help users identify the best sources and manage costs.

    An automated method of processing invoices, fully integrated with My New Source, is also being implemented. Called the Digital Mailroom, this service converts paper invoices to a digital format. You will no longer need to approve and circulate paper invoices; all invoices will be available in a digital form for you to approve online in My New Source.

    The link to My New Source is located on the MyNewSchool Services tab.

    If you have any questions or comments relating to My New Source, please contact Gay Florio, director of Procurement and Expense Systems, at floriog@newschool.edu or 212.229.5660 x3658.

    Tutorial and Training

    The My New Source Reference Guide provides quick, comprehensive access to helpful information.

    The Amazon PunchOut Catalog Initial Log In instructions enable you to access the new Amazon Catalog.

    Training for My New Source is held on Tuesdays from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Please contact eprocurement@newschool.edu to schedule attendance or to request a separate training date.

    Honorarium and Guest Lecturer Payment Process

    Finance and Business is pleased to announce an enhanced Honorarium and Guest Lecturer (HGL) payment process. The implementation of My New Source, our new online procurement system, will make the request and processing of HGL payments paperless, fast, and more secure.

    The new HGL will process payment for the following services only:

    • Honorarium
    • Guest Lecturer
    • Peer Reviewer

    In line with the university’s information security policies, HGL payees will be required to register in My New Source. This ensures that sensitive payee information, such as Social Security numbers, home addresses, and other personal data, is properly protected. In addition, this process ensures that the university is in full compliance with both U.S. and foreign tax regulations.

    If you have any questions or comments relating to this new HGL process, please contact hglsupport@newschool.edu.

  • Honorarium and Guest Lecturer Payment FAQ

    What types of payments should this form be used for?

    Honorarium, Guest Lecturer, and Peer Review payment types only.

    Why has this new process been implemented?

    My New Source provides payees with a secure online environment in which to provide regulated personal information once and have it available for future payment processing. At the end of the "registration," they are given an account that enables them to make updates to their information directly in My New Source.

    Can I pay students with this form?

    There will be a Student Payment Request available beside the HGL Form on the My New Source Marketplace. This form should be completed for payments to students for items such as stipends, awards, or fellowships. Students are already enrolled in the Banner student system, so registration will not be necessary.

    Is the payment IRS-reportable?

    Payees who have received more than $600 from The New School in the current tax year will receive a Form 1099 indicating the total amount received. Payees with cumulative amounts below $600 will not receive a 1099. Reimbursement amounts are counted toward the $600 threshold for 1099 reporting.

    How does the process work for payees from other countries?

    To align with regulations, payees who are residents of other countries may have to meet additional IRS requirements. If they are performing the work in their home country, they will only need to complete IRS form W8BEN, while those performing the work in the United States will need to provide two additional eligibility forms, IRS Form 8233 and the FNIC (Foreign National Independent Contractor) form, along with a copy of the passport with appropriate visa designation.

    Is there anyone available to assist payees through this process?

    The My New Source support staff will be available to assist payees through the registration process. Requests for special assistance can be made in the description section of the form.

    How does the system communicate with these guests? Does anyone call them?

    The information provided by My New Source users will indicate when a system email is initially sent to the payee. If the payee has not worked for The New School in the past two fiscal years, he or she will not be available on the form from a Supplier (payee) search. My New Source support will use information manually provided in the New Payee Information section to send an initial registration invitation email. If the payee is recognized and selectable in the Supplier (payee) search and the information is different from what he or she provided during scheduling, a registration email will be sent to allow him or her to update the information. Registrations that are not completed within the first few days after the invitation is sent will be followed up either by email or phone to assist the payee.