• Teaching

    Central to the mission of Parsons DESIS Lab is the education of a new generation of transdisciplinary thinkers and practitioners of design-led social innovation. DESIS Lab members envision such education in three distinct ways:

    1. Education is not restricted to the classroom; students spend time working on projects in real-world contexts and learning directly from people in settings where social innovations take place.
    2. The education offered emerges as a dialogue between design and the social sciences (sociology, economics), the applied and professional social sciences (business management, nonprofit management, media studies, international affairs), and the humanities (philosophy, political theory and political science, anthropology, history).
    3. Students often work on projects that operate within the interstitial spaces between domains of government, market, and civil society. The goal of such work is to address structural holes that exist between these spheres. Students reach across disciplinary and institutional borders to share knowledge and practices useful in developing solutions for broad and context-specific applications.

    Parsons DESIS Lab serves as a resource for courses offered in the School of Design Strategies at Parsons and in other divisions of The New School.