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  • The New School’s Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students reflects the goal of lifelong higher learning articulated by the founders of The New School in 1919. In 1943, The New School began offering a bachelor's degree program for adults to address the educational needs of returning WWII veterans. Today, we continue to dedicate ourselves to that mission in a program that offers exceptional services and an innovative curriculum to nearly 1,000 adult students in New York City and online.

  • Administration and Leadership

    Program Dean, Director, and Chairs

    Kate Eichhorn, Dean
    Laura Cronk, Chair, Creative Writing
    Panteá Farvid, Chair, Psychology
    Joseph Heathcott, Chair, Environmental Studies and Urban Studies
    Rachel Heiman, Chair, Liberal Arts
    Jonathan Bach, Co-chair, Global Studies
    Nidhi Srinivas, Chair, Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship
    Kristin Reynolds, Chair, Food Studies
    Marcus Turner, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Media Studies

    Program Staff
    Yvonne Garrett, Executive Secretary
    Juana Kennedy, Director of Administration
    Joyinn Paulin, Director of Student Affairs

  • Message From The Dean

    Kate Eichhorn, Dean

    Kate Eichhorn, Dean

    Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students

    The New School has been a leader in adult education for more than a century. Throughout this time, one thing has remained constant—a commitment to continuously reimagining higher education to meet every learner's needs.

    In the early 1930s, nearly 20,000 intellectually curious New Yorkers walked through our doors to take courses or attend individual lectures on topics ranging from contemporary politics and philosophy, to city planning and art history. In the 1940s, following the passage of the GI Bill for returning veterans, The New School attracted New Yorkers eager to begin studies or complete degrees that had been postponed or disrupted during World War II. Since then, students have continued to arrive to explore new ideas, acquire new skills, complete degrees, and connect with other adults who share a passion for learning in an innovative, progressive setting. 

    At the School of Undergraduate Studies—The New School's destination for adult and transfer students—we’re particularly proud of our long history of welcoming learners of all ages and backgrounds. When the doors of many other universities across the nation and in New York City were still closed to most learners based on their age, gender, race, religion, or ethnic background, The New School was already welcoming anyone with a desire to explore ideas in a diverse co-educational setting. 

    More than a century later, this tradition of innovation, inclusivity, and adaptation to student needs continues. Whether you've been out of school for a few months or a few decades, we welcome you to join our community of learners.


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  • About the University

    Studying at the Adult Bachelor's Program means being part of a progressive, socially engaged, and close-knit community at The New School. Adult Bachelor's Program students have access to the resources of a renowned university that serves as a hub for groundbreaking ideas and the people that generate them.
    • Campus Information

      Campus Information

      Our campus in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village allows you to study and live in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Take advantage of the infinite opportunities to work alongside leading professionals, experience groundbreaking work, and absorb diverse cultural and educational opportunities.

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    • Mission and Vision

      Mission and Vision

      The New School's mission is to prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place. As a university where design and social research drive approaches to studying issues of our time, we seek to provide students with the tools needed to grapple with complex problems facing society and to pursue more fluid and flexible career pathways.

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    • 100 Years New

      100 Years New

      A century ago, a few progressive scholars and thinkers founded what would become The New School. Discover some of the pioneers, movements, and events that collectively tell our story of creative and intellectual innovation. Explore the university's legacy and learn how 1919 was the start of something new.

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