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  • Latha Poonamallee

    Associate Professor of Management and Social Innovation & Chair of Management Programs


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    Latha Poonamallee


    Dr. Poonamallee is a tenured Associate Professor of Management & Social Innovation and Chair of the Faculty of Management at the Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment & School of Undergraduate Studies, and University Fellow at The New School.

    She works on two major research areas both focused on how management, organizations, and leadership can be vehciles to create a more sustainable, prosperous, just and equitable world.


    1. Socio-tech Innovation: Prof. Poonamallee and colleagues defined a new area of innovation research that combines social and technology innovation. Her edited book "Socio-tech Innovation: Harnessing Technology Innovation for Social Impact was published by Palgrave Macmillan in May 2020. In this stream, she also publishes on social innovation and entrepreneurship. 
    2. Mindfulness and Contemplative Engagement: Her forthcoming book, "Expansive Leadership: Cultivating Mindfulness to Lead Self and Others in a Changing World is being published by Routledge. 

    She founded the  Management and Social Justice Conversation Series that she hosts at the New School.

    She serves as Editor in Chief of the Society of Advancement of Management Journal, a preeminent journal that has been published for over 75 years. She also received a Fulbright Scholarship to assist Botswana government, USAID, and Botswana Civil Society in developing a nation-wide social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

    She is also the co-founder and Chairperson of In-Med Prognostics, a neuroscience firm that uses AI and Deep Tech to develop brain health predictive analytics. This firm has received accolades such as the Falling Walls Conference (Germany), BIRAC grant (Government of India grant), and GE Health Care's Edison Startup Collaboration Venture.

    Degrees Held

    Dr. Poonamallee received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, M.B.A. from Pondicherry University, and B.A. and M.A. from University of Madras.

    Professional Affiliation

    Academy of Management

    Recent Publications

    Poonamallee, L. (forthcoming). Expansive Leadership: Cultivating Mindfulness to Lead Self and Others in a Changing World, Routledge.

    Desai, J., Joshi, A., Kulkarni, R., Poonamallee, L. & Sakegoanokar, A. (2020). Brain size matters: Comparative study between Indian and Caucasian brain size and volumes. European Congress of Radiology, Vienna. 

    Poonamallee, L., Scillitoe, J., & Joy, S. (May 2020). Harnessing Technology Innovation for Social Impact: An international case book, Palgrave Macmillan.

    Scillitoe, J. L., Poonamallee, L., & Joy, S. (2018) Technological innovation investments influence on market: Social strategic orientation balance of socio-tech ventures. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship. https://doi.org/10.1080/19420676.2018.1498378

    Poonamallee, L. & Joy, S. (2018). Connecting the Micro to the Macro: How individual actions at the micro-level contribute to corporate social responsibility at the macro-level. Frontiers in Psychology, 9: 1-8.

    Poonamallee, L., Joy, S. & Scillitoe, J. (2018). “Social as institutional change: Interplay of actors’ logic strategies and resources” USC Social Entrepreneurship Conference.

    Poonamallee, L. Harrington, A.,Nagpal, M. & Musial, A. (2018). Improving Emotional Intelligence through Personality Development: The Effect of the Smartphone App based Dharma Life Program on Emotional Intelligence. Frontiers in Psychology.

    Poonamallee, L., Scillitoe, J. & Joy, S. (2017). At the interface of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Institutions: Solving social and environmental problems through social innovation. Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta: GA.

    Performances and Appearances

    Keynote speaker on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and change leadership

    Research Interests

    social innovation and entrepreneurship, socio-tech innnovation, change, leadership, mindfulness, mental models

    Awards And Honors

    • Speaker, Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference. • The Inaugural New School University Faculty Fellowship Award. • Fulbright Specialist, Botswana Network of AIDS Service Organization, Developing CSOs for Social Enterprise Sustainability, 2019-20. • Fulbright Specialist Roster, 2018-2021. • Mentoring Grant, The New School, 2018. • Research Fellowship Grant, India-China Institute, 2018. • Keynote Speaker, Confederation of Indian Industry – South India, 2017. • Keynote Speaker, Vellore Institute of Technology Business School, 2016. • PI, Richard M Schulze Family Foundation Grant, e-Fest Entrepreneurship, 2016-17; 2018-19. • National Science Foundation, Senior Personnel, Professional Development for Graduate Students, 2016-18.

    Future Courses

    Mindful Leadership Development
    NMGM 5028, Spring 2024

    Mindfulness & Sacred Ecologies
    NMGM 5201, Spring 2024

    Past Courses

    Management & Social Justice
    NMGM 5104, Spring 2023

    Mindful Leadership Development
    NMGM 5028, Spring 2023

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