• 2015 Website Redesign Credits

    The New School’s new website—designed, written, and produced almost entirely in house—offers not only a new look, but new ways to explore the university and a responsive design that’s optimized for a wide range of devices.  

    The following were instrumental in the development of the new website:

    Office of Marketing and Communications at The New School

    Vice President: Anne Adriance
    Senior Director of Creative Services: Matthew Sussman
    Director of Online Media: Chris Bate

    Project Management: Mark Houghtaling

    Art Direction: Ed Pusz
    Design: Ian Foster, Laura Scherling, Alexandra Ståhlberg
    Production Design: Sung Baik, Steven Arnerich

    Front-End Development: Greg Simsic

    Executive Editor: Alex Wang

    Content Contributors:
    Sam Biederman, Deborah Bogosian, Chris Bonner, Jami Black, Chris Chafin, Amy Garawitz, John Haffner Layden, Deborah Kirshner, Kate McCormick, Irwin Kroot, Cory Meyers, Giulia Prestia, Alex Wang

    Editorial: John Haffner Layden, Leora Harris

    Ektron CMS Development: Akumina

    Photography and Video Coordination: Ryan Blum-Kryzstal

    Project Advisory Committee:
    Chris Bate, Jami Black, David Carroll, Juliette Cezzar, Adrien Goulet, Mark Houghtaling, Cory Meyers, Giulia Prestia, Edward Pusz, Jennifer Smith, Matthew Sussman, Alex Wang

    Project Review Committee:
    Christopher Ferguson, Jamer Hunt, Bronwyn Lewis, Paula Maas, Sean Moriarty, Shelley Reed, Linda Reimer, Jen Rhee, Peter Taback

    Thank You:  Helena Boskovic, Robert Dinardi, Edward Wright, Robin Lynn, Donald Resnick, Oscar Salvatierra and all the students, faculty, staff, and New School community members who provided feedback. Your input was invaluable.