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    Evan Roth: New York to Paris opening

    The Parsons Paris Gallery, an exhibition space on the ground floor of the building at 45 rue Saint-Roch, presents work by students and faculty as well as guest artists and designers. The gallery offers a year-round program of exhibitions, events, lectures, and workshops and invites the community to engage critically with design and art in the broadest sense.

    The gallery provides Parsons students with a venue in which to interact with the public and with other practitioners, discover new work, and acquire hands-on experience in gallery management and curatorial practice.

    Current Show

    Disnovate is a collaboration between Art Hack Day, Parsons Paris, and Accès(s) festival. During an intense 48-hour hackathon held at Parsons Paris (August 28-30), international artists, hackers, and graduate students came together to share skills and ideas and create a flash exhibit on the theme "Disnovate.”

    Disruptive innovation is widely heralded as the driving force of progress and a major influence on society. Its vocabulary has seeped into domains as disparate as politics, education, and art. Computer culture is not immune: Hackathons have turned into rallies for smarter, cheaper, and faster consumption. What role do the whimsical and useless play in this society? Can we assess creation without resorting to conceptions of value? What worldview is implied by the language of disruption? What does it clarify and what does it obscure?

    Exhibition dates

    August 30–September 13. Disnovate is part of Paris Design Week 2014, which takes a fresh view of the theme “sharing/partager.”

    The gallery is open Monday to Friday, 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.

    Past Shows

    Evan Roth: New York to Paris (Parsons alumnus)
    De*main: A Showcase of Parsons Fashion
    Forays/Optimism by FIELD
    Paris Fashion Week partnership with InDigital Media Group and STYLE.COM
    MOUVEMENTS/movements (student show)

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