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    Brankica Zilovic

    Part-time Faculty, Fashion Design

    IMG - Brankica Zilovic

    Brankica Zilović is a visual artist and educator living in Paris. Her ten years lecturing experience has directed her educative focus to creative processes in textile, fashion design and contemporary art. As an artist she creates through the fields of contemporary art embroidery, installations, multimedia, painting and drawing. Her work has been exhibited both on a national and international level. During last 15 years she has developed different projects with art galleries, applied art museums, contemporary art centers, local and regional cultural centers in France ( followed by workshops and lectures), fashion magazines, advertising agencies etc.

    Recently Brankica directed her interest toward exhibitions curating as well. She is the recipient of several awards for painting and drawing. She graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (department of painting) of Paris (DNSAP) and from University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts (department of painting) in Belgrade.