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    Damian Yee

    Part-time Faculty, Fashion Design

    IMG - Damien Yee

    Born and raised as a child in Jamaica. My fashion sense arose while still in high school in Toronto, Canada; which led to studying fashion at Ryerson University and a BA in Applied Arts. In my final year, I won a finalist place in the Jeune Createurs de la Mode Paris competition that confirmed that Paris was the City of Lights for me. And thus, after finding a position at Martine Sitbon, my fashion career started. Martin Sitbon and her close collaboration with her husband, Art director Mark Ascoli taught me the entire creative processes from inspiration, to sketches, to fittings, to fashion show, to photo styling the shooting for the ad campaign. This was a quality that Karl Lagerfeld appreciated, and I was included not only in the studio, but also working on his other photographic projects for magazines.

    At Guy Laroche, as Artistic Director, is what we aim to achieve from school. The years of experience finally take form. The ethereal dream of creating and showing your collection is both exhilarating and anxious. Now finding myself, sharing and instructing these principles, bring me back to the spark of why I love fashion, with its ever changing moods but its constant desire for the new, and most of all, sharing in the dream.