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    Kakee Scott

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    Kakee Scott’s research merges strategic design processes with critical social inquiry to negotiate the dynamics between design, consumption and everyday life. Currently, she is exploring the emerging arena of new economies, framing design as a form of economic practice, framing economics as a form of design practice, and considering the potential of dematerialization through design. Kakee has produced sustainability-oriented events and projects over the past thirteen years with organizations like o2NYC, o2Netherlands, Slow Food USA, J. Ottman Consulting, the EU Living Lab project, and in developing her collaborative practice, Rift. At Parsons, she has been teaching for the past few years in Environmental Studies and now also in Strategic Design and Management. She completed her Masters in industrial ecology at the Delft University of Technology and is working on her doctoral studies between design and sociology at Lancaster University in the UK. Kakee is an affiliated faculty with Parsons DESIS Lab in New York.