David Kidd

PhD Candidate

Expected Completion: Spring 2014

Dissertation title: The Social Psychological effects of Reading Literary Fiction

Areas of expertise: Intergroup Bias, Infrahumanization, Terror Management Theory, Empathy, Theory of Mind

Profile: Primarily, my research has focused on how reading literary fiction influences the psychological processes that are used to understand other people. In future research I plan to further study the ways in which our engagement with cultural products, such as art and literature, affect social psychological processes. I have also worked with others to study the psychological consequences of social rejection (Steele, Kidd, & Castano, 2013), the role of personal distress in shaping responses to survivors of sexual violence (Fernandez, Kidd, & Castano, under review), and how reminders of shared social identity effect political partisanship (Kardos, Kidd, & Castano, under review).

Email: kiddd305@newschool.edu

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