Marina Kaneti

Ph.D. candidate

Expected Completion
May 2015

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Contact Information

Major Field
Political Theory

Minor Field
Comparative Politics

Dissertation Title
"Two worlds into one: migrants between citizens and consumers. The politics of Pacific migration to the United States in the late 19th-early 20th century"

Dissertation Committee
Victoria Hattam (chair), Andreas Kalyvas, Timothy Pachirat, James Mandiberg

Dissertation Abstract
Using the case of Chinese migration to the United States at the end of the nineteenth – early twentieth century, this dissertation analyzes the complex interactions that migrants have within restrictive and exclusionary socio-political environments. The aim is to, first, demonstrate migrants’ active contribution to the ongoing negotiations of identity and agency within core social institutions; and, second, to expand investigation of migrants’ practices beyond the statist framework of legality and illegality. The dissertation is structured as a three-tier investigation examining migrants’ interactions and influence on decisions and practices in relation to state policies, business interests, and consumer preferences. I rely on multiple sources such as archival and visual materials, oral histories, and policy documents. This allows for examination of the various platforms that migrants utilize in (re)negotiating and reconstituting understandings of power, privilege, and identity.


Writing Samples
Short writing sample (PDF)

Teaching Experience/Courses Taught
Citizenship, Migration, Human Rights; International Social Welfare and Politics of Aid; Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility; International program planning and project management; World Civilizations – from Ancient to Present Times; Managing NGOs.

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