Matthew Hoye

Ph.D. candidate

Expected Completion
January 2013

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

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Major Field
Political Theory

Minor Field
Comparative Politics

Dissertation Title
"Language, History, Theatrics and the Rhetoric of Statecraft in Hobbes’s Leviathan"

Dissertation Committee
Nancy Frazier (chair), Andreas Kalyvas, Banu Bargu


Research Interests
My Ph.D. dissertation—Language, History, Theatrics and the Rhetoric of Statecraft in Hobbes’s Leviathan—was a study of statecraft in early modern political theory. Its focus was on Hobbes vis-à-vis the problem of new political foundations taken up from the perspective of Hobbes’s philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of history and the theatrical and rhetorical arts. Against Leo Strauss's influential interpretation of Hobbes -- i.e. that at the core of Hobbes’s political philosophy is the ‘fear of violent death’ and that all of Hobbes's 'intentions' revolve around that core fear -- I argued that Hobbes was very much concerned with virtue, equity, grace and charity, and that the sovereign is called on not to act through violence but through persuasion and magnanimity. The thesis was awarded the New School for Social Research Commencement Award; the highest honour the university bestows on its graduates.

I am currently preparing a book manuscript based on this thesis that is under contract with the University of Toronto Press. The book manuscript will be submitted to the University of Toronto Press on November 30th 2013.

My next project, tentatively titled 'The Republican City against State and Empire' will investigate the relationship between political ideas and institutional forms. Specifically I am interested in the relationship between the city and the neo-republican concept of freedom from historical, critical, and normative perspectives.

Writing Samples

Short writing sample (PDF)

Teaching Experience/Courses Taught
Introduction to Republican Political Theory; Critiques of Domination; People, Power and Politics.

Introduction to Republican Political Theory (PDF)
Critiques of Domination: An Introduction to Political Theory (PDF)

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