Arias, Daniela

Expected completion: January 2014

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Dissertation Title
Essays on Employment Elasticity, Employment Forecasts, and Distributive Shares of Income

Dissertation Advisor
Willi Semmler

Dissertation Abstract
This dissertation project is divided in three essays that use empirical methods to study the different relations in the labor market. The focus of the first essay is centered on the study of the relationship between output and unemployment as postulated by Arthur Okun in 1962. Further, the objective is to analyze the apparent existence of nonlinearities that have affected and affect the elasticity of employment over time. The second essay focuses on the study of distributive shares through the use of a Marxian framework and updates the work initiated by Amsden in 1981, with the aim of documenting and analyzing whether the rate of surplus value changes in magnitude at varying levels of development. Lastly, the third essay is an empirical application of the employment projections model used by the ILO for Colombia. The model, based on input-output analysis, is used to forecast the trends for employment, unemployment and output growth for the Colombian economy by industries and occupational groups.

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