Bahn, Kate

Expected completion: Spring 2014

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Dissertation Title
Monopsony in Caring Labor: New Estimates of Labor Supply Elasticity of Female and Male Teachers and Implications for Education Policy

Dissertation Advisor

Teresa Ghilarducci

Dissertation Abstract:
To examine the labor supply of care workers, the teacher labor market is examined here with the comprehensive Beginning Teachers Longitudinal Study. K-12 teachers are a common example of caring labor and this data set allows for thorough of their labor supply. A monopsony model can help determine how teachers' responses to monetary incentives and how different personal and non-monetary job factors influence their labor market decisions. These conditions are similar to labor market frictions and would imply that teachers have different (lower) labor supply elasticities predicted by a competitive model, and thus the teacher labor market exhibits monopsonistic conditions. If these factors are common to caring labor more generally, than monopsony may help elucidate and quantify the pay gap in caring labor. This would also shed light on education policy debates over appropriate policy regarding teacher pay and job structure.


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