Rabah, Houda

Expected completion: Spring 2014

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Dissertation title
Optimization of a portfolio with restrictions on the assets selected and weights using the Markowitz model and CAPM - Islamic Finance (Ethical investment)

Dissertation Advisor
Willi Semmler

Dissertation Abstract
The essence of the Islamic portfolio is that it is Sharia compliant. People who want to invest in these funds are looking for the ultimate "hallal" or permissable investments. Although return is a key to any investment, Islamic investors are looking for more than just the return. With this in mind, my research concentrates on getting insights to how to manage the Islamic funds and which criteria are better to use. I will study 3 groups of portfolios and compare their returns and variances: the most compliant portfolios, the "middle mark" sharia compliant, and the least compliant portfolio. We will answer the question: Should investors' choose stricter (compliant) portfolios or are they better off with the least amount of compliance.

Fields of expertise
Finance modeling and management, islamic finance, business intelligence, econometrics/statistics  

E-mail: rabah246@newschool.edu.

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