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Cognitive, Social, Developmental Psychology PhD Candidates

Namrata Goyal, CV (PDF)
Spring 2015
Dissertation title: Social norms over time: A cross-cultural investigation in the context of helping
Areas of expertise: Cultural Pychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology

Kate Jassin, CV (PDF)
May 2014
Dissertation title: Cognitively (Un)Representative Democracies: Political conflict between liberals and conservatives is fueled by the illusion of separate moral worlds
Dissertation committee members: Jeremy Ginges, Emanuele Castano, Joan Miller
Areas of expertise: Social Psychology, Political Psychology, Cooperation and Conflict, Moral Judgment and Decision-Making, Culture and Cognition

David Kidd, CV (PDF)
May 2014
Dissertation title: The social psychological effects of reading literary fiction
Areas of expertise: Intergroup Bias, Infrahumanization, Terror Management Theory, Empathy, Theory of Mind

Christopher R. Seeman, CV (PDF)
May 2014
Dissertation title: Boredom and reinforcement expectancy with autonomic correlates
Dissertation committee members: McWelling Todman, Marcel Kinsbourne, Wendy D'Andrea, Sanjay Ruparelia (Dean's Representative)
Areas of expertise: Affective Neuroscience, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Individual Differences, Statistics, Quantitative Data Analysis 

Hammad Sheikh, CV (PDF)
December 2013
Dissertation title: Religious ritual and sacred values: Understanding sacralization
Dissertation committee members: Jeremy Ginges, Lawrence Hirschfeld, Joan Miller, Ann Stoler
Areas of Expertise: Social Psychology, Conflict Research, Quantitative Methods 

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