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Daniela Arias
Dissertation title: Essays on Employment Elasticity, Employment Forecasts, and Distributive Shares of Income
Advisor: Willi Semmler

Kate Bahn
Dissertation title: Monopsony in Caring Labor: New Estimates of Labor Supply Elasticity of Female and Male Teachers and Implications for Education Policy
Advisor: Teresa Ghilarducci 

Eloy Fisher
Dissertation title: Essays in the Political and Macroeconomic Dynamics of Public Finance and Social Policy
Advisor: Duncan Foley 

Arkady Gevorkyan
Dissertation title: Macroeconomic Variables and the Sovereign Risk Premia in European Economies 
Advisor: Willi Semmler  

Percival Pineda
Dissertation title: Essays in Financial Liberalization in ASEAN 4 Countries
Advisor: Willi Semmler

Houda Rabah
Dissertation title: Optimization of a Portfolio with Restrictions on the Assets Selected and Weights Using the Markowitz Model and CAPM - Islamic Finance (Ethical investment)
Advisor: Willi Semmler    

Fernando Rugitsky
Dissertation title: Essays on Growth, Distribution, and Finance: Studies on Kaleckian and Marxian Political Economy
Advisor: Duncan Foley

Christian Schoder
Dissertation title: Essays on investment, debt and macroeconomic dynamics
Advisor: Willi Semmler 

Luis A. Villanueva
Dissertation title: The Political Economy of Growth and Inequality in Latin America
Advisor: Duncan Foley  


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