Academic Petitions and Policies

Student petitions regarding transfer credits, change of status, change of department, extension of time to complete degree requirements, leave of absence, withdrawal, and grievances are coordinated and processed through the Office of Academic Affairs and Scholarships. Students should consult the relevant sections of this website or the NSSR catalog (PDF) for details. It is the student's responsibility to know and fulfill the department requirements for study at The New School for Social Research.

Academic Standing and Progress

Regular review of a graduate student’s progress toward a degree is important. At The New School for Social Research, academic review is conducted biannually, before each semester’s registration period (in April and November). The review is an opportunity for direct communication about the quality of the student’s performance and the student’s degree of satisfaction with the school and the program. The outcome of the academic review will determine a student’s eligibility to continue in his or her program of study and to receive or continue to receive financial aid. The New School for Social Research warns students whose academic performance or progress is deemed unsatisfactory and may place a student on probation (see Academic Standing and Progress in the catalog). See the Registrar's page for more information about grades (including the grade appeal policy and incomplete policy) and requirements for maintaining good academic standing.

Graduate students at The New School for Social Research are placed on probation and are subject to dismissal if they fail to complete the requirements for a degree within the designated time-to-degree limits (see "Time Limits and Extensions of Time" in the NSSR catalog). Students placed on probation or notified of dismissal can file an appeal with the assistant dean of Academic Affairs and Curriculum. The Academic Dismissal Appeal process is described in the NSSR catalog and on the registrar's website. The contact for NSSR students is

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Curriculum
Office of Academic Affairs and Scholarships
The New School for Social Research
6 East 16th Street, room 1007
New York, NY 10003

Students can expect to hear the results of an appeal within two to four weeks of its submission.

Students can use DegreeWorks to explore their options and to monitor progress toward their degrees. DegreeWorks shows you all of the courses required for your degree and all the classes you have completed thus far. You can find out more about how to use this tool in the DegreeWorks tutorial. DegreeWorks is available on the Student tab of MyNewSchool.  DegreeWorks does not currently have degree-specific information for PhD students.

Use the University Course Catalog to learn about the courses you'll take and to see courses offered by other divisions of The New School. The course catalog links to the schedule of classes, where you can find the days and times classes are offered.

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