Sherwood, Daniel

Daniel SherwoodPhD candidate, The New School for Social Research
Expected Completion: Spring 2014

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

"Civic Struggles: Jews, Blacks and the Question of Inclusion at The City College of New York, 1930-1975"
Areas of Expertise: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity; Social Theory; Sociology of Education; Historical Institutionalism

Dissertation abstract
"Civic Struggles: Jews, Blacks and the Question of Inclusion at The City College of New York, 1930-1975," analyzes 20th century transformations in educational inequality in the United States through an in depth case study of The City College of New York. Dubbed the "proletarian" or "Jewish Harvard," City College is remembered in the scholarly and popular imaginations alike as a central symbol and educational embodiment of an exceptionally liberal citizenship regime in the U.S. However, such sanguine views of City College’s history are as much myth as reality. In fact, City College's history has continuously been marked by struggles over anti-Jewish and anti-black racism, political repression, and forms of institutional exclusion that revolve around questions of who belongs at City College and what the meaningful benefits of a City College degree should be. As a significant but contested institution of civil, political and social citizenship in the United States, The City College of New York has persistently served as a stage for transformative struggles over the structure and meaning of American citizenship.

Teaching experience
As a Teaching Fellow at The New School for Public Engagement in 2006, I taught "The Sociology of Race;" this fellowship was renewed in the fall of 2007 and the fall of 2008. It was also renewed in the summer of 2008 when I taught a course "Identity and Identity Politics." At Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts, under the same fellowship, I taught a class on culture and power titled "Domination and Resistance," in spring 2007. Finally, as an Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College from 2005 to present, I have taught "Introduction to Sociology," "Social Movements," "The Sociology of Race," "Sociological Theory," and have twice taught their curricular capstone course, a course titled "Citizenship and Higher Education in the U.S., the Case of The City College of New York."

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Daniel A. Sherwood
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