External Funding Opportunities

External Funding Database Search Instructions 

Download External-Funding-Opportunities.xls (Excel spreadsheet).

The database is organized by many fields, but the following fields are the most important ones:

  • Institution
  • Fellowship Title
  • Fellowship Type
    • Policy Fellowship
    • International Policy Fellowship
    • Dissertation Completion Fellowship
    • Dissertation Research Scholarship
    • Doctoral Scholarship
    • Post Doctoral Scholarship
    • Residential Fellowship
    • International Fellowship
    • Training Fellowship
    • Project Grant
    • Conference Attendance Fellowship
    • Congressional Fellowship
    • Doctoral Fellowship
    • Post Doctoral Fellowship
    • Summer Fellowship
    • Study Abroad Grant
    • Research and Training Grant
    • Scholarly Appointment
    • Research Scholarship
    • International Research Scholarship
    • Professional Development Grant
    • Paid Internship
    • Teaching Fellowship
  • Discipline: Additionally to Humanities and Social Sciences, there are quite a few disciplines listed in this field. Please familiarize yourself with this field before you apply it as a filter/search criterion

Search Instructions:

Type Ctrl+F and type in the key words of the type of grant you are seeking.  You may search by any of the fields or words within the fields listed above.  Additionally, you may search by deadline date (date, month). 

To refine your search you may apply a filter to your search criteria by applying a filter to one range on the worksheet at a time:

  1. Click a cell in the range you want to filter.
  2. On the Data menu, point to Filter, and then click AutoFilter.
  3. Click the arrow arrowin the column that contains the numbers, and click your desired critria.
  4. In the box on the left, click equals, or does not equal, contains, or does not contain.
  5. In the box on the right, enter the text you want.

To remove filters and view the entire document again:

  1. Point to Filter on the Data menu, and then click AutoFilter.
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