CMHSAC Fieldwork

Fieldwork Levels 

Level I fieldwork is designed to familiarize students with varied substance abuse treatment and/or research settings and professional roles and to provide introductory clinical experiences with people experiencing substance related problems.

Level II fieldwork is designed to provide students with more in-depth clinical experiences (e.g., co-leading groups, conducting psychosocial intakes, writing treatment plans, and possibly following individual cases depending on the particular site).

Fieldwork Sites 

Beth Israel Rehab unit, Stuyvesant Square, New York, NY
ACQC: AIDS Center of Queens, Jamaica, NY
The Center—LGBT Community Center CARE Recovery (CCR), 13th Street, New York, NY
Realization Center, Union Square, New York, NY
Exponents, 26th Street, New York, NY
Odyssey House, East Harlem, New York, NY
Addiction Institute Roosevelt Hospital, 59th Street and Tenth Avenue, New York, NY
Daytop Manhattan Outpatient Clinic, Eighth Avenue and 35th Street, New York, NY
Newark Renaissance House, Newark, NJ

Note: the number of available slots varies from year to year because the sites also cater to students from other programs.

Fieldwork Supervision 

New School CMHSAC students participating in fieldwork through the CMHSAC program are supervised by on-site clinical and research supervisors as well as by CMHSAC Faculty. On site supervision may be provided by Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and/or psychiatrists, depending on the nature of the fieldwork placement and the students activities. CMHSAC Faculty will also provide group/individual supervision or consultation to fieldwork students. This supervision will take place at The New School for Social Research. The primary contact in this regard is CMHSAC Program Assistant Director Dr. Jenifer Talley,

Evaluations: In addition to ongoing feedback provided during regularly scheduled supervision, fieldwork supervisors will formally evaluate students (see CMHSAC Handbook for evaluation form) at the end of their placements. This evaluation form will be returned to the CMHSAC assistant director once completed. Students are also encouraged to stay in regular contact with CMHSAC Faculty regarding their fieldwork experiences.

Applying for Fieldwork 

This consists of two elements. First, all applicants for placement must be NSSR MA students who have completed Psychopathology III with a grade of B or higher and they must have taken at least one of the two counseling courses or must enroll in one concurrently with the fieldwork.

Second, the enrollment form must be completed and returned to the student advisors office. The information contained in the enrollment form, in conjunction with the student’s performance during the required courses, serves as the basis for placement decisions.

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