Psychology Student Directory

First name Last name Email Degree
Marian Adams PhD
Alyson Aladro PhD
Richelle Allen PhD
Madeline August PhD
John    Bert PhD
Catherine Boutwell PhD
Vandana Chauhan PhD
Jason Clarke PhD
Travis      Cyr PhD
Debra D'Agostino PhD
Loren Dent PhD
Muge Erol PhD
Martin Fagin PhD
Stefanie Fail PhD
Shelley Feuer PhD
Hannah Goldman PhD
Namrata Rahul Goyal PhD
Lindsey Holder PhD
David Howe PhD
Kate Jassin PhD
Malin Kallberg-Shroff PhD
Rachel Keegan PhD
Courtney Kellner PhD
David Kidd PhD
Jessica Kraus PhD
Noriko Kyei-Aboagye PhD
Georgina Mary MacKen PhD
Reese Minshew PhD
Elisa     Monti PhD
Nancy Ng PhD
Nadia Nieves PhD
Adella  Nikitiades PhD
Lia Okun PhD
Denise Poche-Jetter PhD
Lory Reyes PhD
Kailey Roberts PhD
Erica Rosenthal PhD
Mostafa Salari Rad PhD
Lilian Maria Salinas Urbina PhD
Gabriella      Santoro PhD
Christopher Seemann PhD
Alexandra Shaker PhD
Patricia Slawuta PhD
Victoria Sliva PhD
Jenna Slutsky PhD
William Somerville PhD
Laura Stephens PhD
Monica Thomas PhD
Meymune      Topcu PhD
Misa Tsuruta PhD
Matthew Wice PhD
Rachel Wyner PhD
Jeremy Yamashiro PhD
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