Politics Student Directory

First name Last name Email Degree Area of Study
Dechen Albero albem367@newschool.edu PhD
Camila Andrade Gripp andrc675@newschool.edu PhD Urban Politics, Public Security, Police, Criminal Justice, the Politics of  Punishment
Nathan Angelo angeln32@newschool.edu PhD
Jong Wan Baik baikj953@newschool.edu PhD
Laura Balbuena Gonzalez BalbL116@newschool.edu PhD
Amando Basurto Salazar basua260@newschool.edu PhD U.S. politics and political thought, particularly pragmatism
Dolunay Bulut bulud115@newschool.edu PhD
Joseph Campbell campj040@newschool.edu PhD
Julia Patricia Carrillo Lerma carrj849@newschool.edu PhD
Kalaya Chareonying CharK130@newschool.edu PhD Political theory, gender theory, identity politics, international political economy, international relations, East Asia, Latin America
Yunjeong Choi choiy266@newschool.edu PhD
Patrick Phillip Ciaschi ciasp191@newschool.edu PhD  
Hadas Cohen coheh887@newschool.edu PhD
Chris Crews crewc037@newschool.edu PhD Religious Fundamentalism, Creationism, Science and Technology Studies, Posthumanism, Environmental Political Theory, Risk and Catastrophe
Marc Raffaele A D'Urso dursm183@newschool.edu PhD  
Jan Piotr Dutkiewicz dutkj415@newschool.edu PhD Political Economy, Commodity Studies, Agriculture, Political Ecology, Biopolitics
Chelsea Ebin ebinc956@newschool.edu PhD Political parties and coalitions, American religious history, the Religious Right, and reproductive rights/justice
Erdinc Erdem erdee212@newschool.edu PhD  
Jorge Alberto Fernandez Ortega fernj141@newschool.edu PhD
Nicholas Fiori fiorn240@newschool.edu PhD  
Yoav Fromer fromy857@newschool.edu PhD
Peter Janos Galambos galap975@newschool.edu PhD
Sara Ronny Elis Gebh gebhs204@newschool.edu PhD
Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi golel902@newschool.edu PhD  
Maria Gonzalez de Withrington gonzm875@newschool.edu PhD Theories of Public Sphere, Theories of Globalization, Political Theory
Michael Gretz gretzm01@newschool.edu PhD Political theory, Marxism, the history of international communism, labor history with a geographic focus on Western Europe
Bennett Grubbs grubb830@newschool.edu PhD  
Mykalos Gudelis gudem487@newschool.edu PhD  
Karl Haley halek253@newschool.edu PhD American urbanism; crime control; public space; surveillance and mechanisms of governmentality. Research interests concern the governance of public space in Las Vegas and the American Southwest.
Christopher Harris harrc025@newschool.edu PhD  
Luis Herran Avila herrl567@newschool.edu PhD 20th-century Latin America; comparative history, politics, and political thought; populism; political violence; focus on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and Mexico
Julia Honkasalo honkj981@newschool.edu PhD Hannah Arendt, revolution, civil disobedience, radical democracy, biopolitics, critiques of identity politics, non normative gender studies
Jonathon Hoye hoyej38@newschool.edu PhD        Language, History, Theatrics and the Rhetoric of Statecraft in Hobbes' Leviathan
Ricardo Isea isear758@newschool.edu PhD
Constituent Power, Revolution, Democracy and Authoritarianism, Populism
Angel Jaramillo Torres JaraA989@newschool.edu PhD
Jordanco Jovanoski jovaj926@newschool.edu PhD
Adam Joyce JoycA995@newschool.edu PhD U.S. economic and foreign policy, political economy, international relations, the spread of democracy by force
Phillip Kalantzis-Cope kalanp69@newschool.edu PhD Intellectual Property Rights, Digital Labor, International Relations Theory
Anna Kalashyan kalaa100@newschool.edu PhD  
Marina Kaneti kanem368@newschool.edu PhD
Gerasimos Karavitis karag263@newschool.edu PhD
Brandon Koenig koenb427@newschool.edu PhD
Carmel Kooros koorc678@newschool.edu PhD
Bilal Kotil kotib286@newschool.edu PhD  
Adam Kozicharow kozia793@newschool.edu PhD
Andrew Kuech kueca293@newschool.edu PhD  
Halil Can Kurban kurbh170@newschool.edu PhD
Choong Hoon Lee LeeC608@newschool.edu PhD
Joseph Lombardo kueca293@newschool.edu PhD  
Genaro Fausto Lozano Valencia lozag541@newschool.edu PhD
Pavlina Majorosova majop364@newschool.edu PhD
Alex McCown mccoa737@newschool.edu PhD American Politics, History of American Populist Movements, Political Theory, Politics of Authenticity
Christina McElderry mcelc774@newschool.edu PhD Political theory, particularly theories of power, freedom, sovereignty, and responsibility
Persis Milani milap073@newschool.edu PhD  
Samuel Mueller muels782@newschool.edu PhD     Political and sociological theories of religion, secularism, and secularization; critiques of capitalism; approaches to modernity and modernization; theories of aesthetics; Turkey and the Middle East
Raphael Cezard Neves nevesr39@newschool.edu PhD Amnesties, transitional justice, human rights, discourse theory and deliberative democracy
Cagla Orpen orpec808@newschool.edu PhD
Juan Pablo Ossa Parra ossaj795@newschool.edu PhD
Lauren Paremoer parel880@newschool.edu PhD Gender, sexuality, citizenship, and the state in contemporary South Africa; the impact of HIV/AIDS on citizenship claims in South Africa
Mario Marcello Pasco Dalla Porta pascm619@newschool.edu PhD  
William Payne paynew@newschool.edu PhD
Khorapin Phuaphansawat phuak238@newschool.edu PhD
Mariana Prandini Fraga Assis assim251@newschool.edu PhD Feminist Political Theory, Feminist Legal Studies, Transnational Legal Activism, Human Rights
John Price pricj481@newschool.edu PhD
Christos Rialas rialc225@newschool.edu PhD American politics, with a minor in political theory; research interests focus on U.S. federal healthcare policy as well as science- and technology-related policies in the United States
Scott Ritner ritns028@newschool.edu PhD
Luis Romero-Leon romel842@newschool.edu PhD
Setareh Shohadaei shohs234@newschool.edu PhD  
Jan           Smolenski smolj132@newschool.edu PhD Political theory and political economy, specifically in constituent power, popular sovereignty, territory and territoriality, and the relation between the political and the socioeconomic in general and between democracy and capitalism in particular
Marcos Soler gonzm377@newschool.edu DSSC
Sarah Taylor tayls620@newschool.edu PhD Comparative politics, particularly looking at conflict and gender; Latin American politics; identity politics; nationalism
Blair Taylor taylb452@newschool.edu PhD
Jennifer Terrell terrj810@newschool.edu PhD African politics, land reform, democratic theory, postcolonial studies
Meron Tesfamichael tesfm863@newschool.edu PhD
Adrian Totten totta444@newschool.edu PhD  
Jacqueline Vimo vimoj294@newschool.edu PhD
Solongo Wandan wands296@newschool.edu PhD
Michelle Weitzel weitm736@newschool.edu PhD Risk and Security Studies, War, Political Violence, Critical Theory, Sound Studies, Space and Materiality, Urban Geography, Southwest Asia
Katinka Maria Wijsman wijsk799@newschool.edu PhD  
Edward Wilcox wilce689@newschool.edu PhD  
Harry Williams willh906@newschool.edu PhD  
Yun-Chan Wu wuy479@newschool.edu PhD Political theory, psychoanalysis, Kant, corruption
Carlos Yescas Angeles Trujano yescc566@newschool.edu PhD Race/Ethnicity, Indigeneity, Global Politics, Immigration, U.S. Census, Anthropology of the Senses
Mine Yildirim yildm128@newschool.edu PhD Animal Studies, Human-Animal Relations, Environmental Political Theory, Urban Ecology
Shao Loong Yin yins437@newschool.edu PhD
Amanda Zadorian zadora63@newschool.edu PhD Comparative political economy, oil industry, Russia, Brazil; the impact of professionalizing reforms to national oil companies on state/regime legitimacy
Arya Zahedi zahea069@newschool.edu PhD
Tomer Haim Zeigerman zeigt060@newschool.edu PhD
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