Philosophy Student Directory

First Name Last Name Email Address Degree Area of Study
Cristina Acosta PhD
Giancarlo Ambrosino PhD
Eric Anthamatten PhD
Duane Armitage PhD Heidegger and phenomenology. PhD thesis: Heidegger and St. Paul
Trevor Arthur PhD
Cameron Bassiri PhD
Kimberly Baxter PhD
Michael Becker PhD
Roxanne Benchimol PhD
Sam Ben-Meir PhD
Roy Ben-Shai PhD
Lawrence Berger PhD Phenomenology of attention
Jacob Blumenfeld PhD
Jacob Browning PhD
Mark Burke PhD
Pablo Bustinduy Amador PhD
Jeremy Butman PhD
Jonathan Chalier PhD
Konstantinos Christoforatos PhD
Carolyn Colsant PhD
Matthew Congdon PhD Research interests: German idealism, ethics, aesthetics. Dissertation title: "Retrieving Experience for Ethics"
Fred Copley PhD
Caemeron Crain PhD
Caroline Cusano PhD
Micah Daily PhD
Alexis Dianda PhD Pragmatism, hermeneutics, critical theory, and phenomenology
Juan Carlos Donado Gomez PhD
Daniel Fernandez PhD
Jason Fisette PhD Jason’s research interests lie in moral psychology and ethical naturalism, especially in relation to Hume and other figures of early modern British Empiricism.
Karl Fotovat PhD
Timothy Franz PhD
Christopher French PhD
Naveh Frumer PhD Contemporary Continental thought and critical theory; ethics (responsibility, otherness, violence); political philosophy (democratic theory, constitutive power, ideology); philosophy of history; the linguistic turn
Darren Gardner PhD
Nolen Gertz PhD
Adam Gies PhD
Eric Godoy PhD Ethics, political philosophy, and history of philosophy. Dissertation: responsibility and global ethics
Shyam Gohel PhD
Jeffrey Golub PhD
Amanda Gondek PhD Political philosophy, democratic theory, critical theory, and game theory
P.J. Gorre PhD
Vedran Grahovac PhD
Jordi Graupera PhD
Robert Grimwade PhD Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, Deleuze, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, 20th-century Continental philosophy
Edward Guetti PhD Interests are issues within and extending from recent readings of Wittgenstein (early and late), where I find my footing mostly in the work of Cora Diamond, James Conant, Stanley Cavell, and John McDowell. I am also interested in taking up discussions of the mind, language, and perceptual experience in both German idealism (esp. Hegel) and phenomenology (esp. Merleau-Ponty, Husserl).
Christopher Hightower PhD
Thomas Hughes PhD Philosophy of science and existentialism; my dissertation will center on Ernst Cassirer.
Justin Humphreys PhD
Grace Hunt PhD
Laurence Jackson PhD
Aaron Jaffe PhD
Erick Jimenez PhD
Krista Johansson PhD
Marika Josephson PhD Language philosophy, philosophy of mind. Dissertation title: "Language, Mind, Practice: Families of Recursive Thinking in Human Reasoning"
Daniel Vincente Jove Rosales PhD
David Kaye PhD Nietzsche, Heidegger, Arendt, the history of philosophy, metaphysics, and anthropocentrism
Kathleen Kelley PhD
Todd Kesselman PhD
Olga Knizhnik PhD
Adam Knowles PhD
Krystal Dawn Kreye PhD
Edyta Kuzian PhD
Matthew Lampert PhD
Dominic Lavoie PhD
Marianne Aimee Le Nabat PhD
Yuliy Lebedev PhD
Yusuk Lee PhD
Joseph Lemelin PhD

Ho Yeon Lim PhD
Michael Macomber PhD
Diana Mattison PhD
Daniel McDow PhD Contemporary French philosophy and psychoanalysis; philosophy of language
Lisa Michelle McKeown PhD
Helen Mellon PhD
Marcus Michelsen PhD
Robin Muller PhD 19th- and 20th-century philosophy, phenomenology (esp.
Husserl and Heidegger), philosophy of language. Dissertation title: "Mood and the Constitution of Meaning"
Philip Munger PhD
Micah Murphy PhD
Peter Nekola PhD
Miranda Nell PhD
Karen Ka Yeng Ng PhD
Alexandre Nogueira PhD
Stephen Orr PhD
Nishad Patnaik PhD
Raymond Paul Petridis-Tzombanos PhD
Joshua Nicholas Pineda PhD
Alexei R. Procyshyn PhD
Luis Recoder PhD
William Remley PhD
Daniel Restrepo PhD
Santiago Rey Salamanca PhD Hermeneutics, pragmatism, phenomenology, and German idealism
Ian Rhoad PhD
Daniel Richmond PhD
Hunter Robinson MA Animals and people; bioethics and genetic engineering; moral philosophy and moral skepticism; Iris Murdoch, Simone Weil, and Cora Diamond; later Heidegger and Wittgenstein; the novels of W.G. Sebald and Marilynne Robinson. MA thesis: “Animals and In Vitro Meat”
Meghan Robison PhD
Keren Sadan PhD
Philip Schauss PhD
William Sedutto PhD
Sasha Selimotic PhD
James Shoppa PhD
Scott Shushan PhD
Edward Skipton PhD
Charles Snyder PhD
Tomas Stoelen PhD Ethics, social philosophy, critical theory, German idealism
Anna Strelis PhD
Elizabeth Suergiu PhD
Kevin Alistair Temple PhD
Mark Robrecht Theunissen PhD
Mark Thorsby PhD
Joseph Tinguely PhD
Maxwell Tremblay PhD
Nikolay Tugushev PhD
William Tullius PhD
Zaccharia Turnbull ' PhD
Alina Vaisfeld PhD
Janna Van Grunsven PhD
Lina Villegas PhD
William Walsh PhD
Keith Whitmoyer PhD
Aengus Woods PhD
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