Anthropology Student Directory

First name Last name Email Degree Area of study
Ejima Baker-Morales PhD  
Amber Benezra PhD Human-microbe relationships, specifically commensal organisms in the human gut and the ontological intersection of social and biological lives. Investigating new modes of accountable natural/social science collaborations.
Tyler Boersen PhD  
David Bond PhD  
Chellie Bowman PhD  
Scott Brown PhD  
Diego Caguenas Rozo PhD Political Theologies, Belief and Secularization, Emerging Subjectivities, Politics of Evangelization.
Katyayani Dalmia PhD  
Alexandra De Mesones PhD  
Christopher            Delamater    PhD  
Katheryn Detwiler PhD  
Jason Euren PhD Technology and Politics; DIY Movements; Citizen Science; Urban Politics; Participatory Aesthetics; and Innovation
Kadija Ferryman PhD Medical anthropology, personalized genomic medicine, race/ethnicity, health disparities, hypertension.
Yasuko Fujikura PhD  
Brie Gettleson PhD Femicide, post-conflict violence, Guatemala/ Central America, democracy, human rights, and new forms of militarism and state-security.
Mateusz Halawa     PhD Postsocialism, Poland, credit and debt, household economies, mortgage finance, social studies of finance and financial instruments.
Erick Howard PhD  
Randi Irwin PhD  
Christina Kim PhD  
Chi Chung Lau PhD  
Charles     McDonald PhD Subjectivity; historical anthropology; reason, affect, and belief; anthropology of conversion; secularism, liberalism, and multiculturalism; Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations; cultural heritage and patrimony; race and sexuality; modernity; Spain/Europe
Julienne Obadia PhD  
Rhea Rahman PhD  
Matthew Rosen PhD  
Zohar Rotem PhD Anthropology of race/ethnicity/nation, anthropology of education, children's
social theories, the ethnography of difference, bilingual education,
language politics, the Middle East, Israel/Palestine
Emily     Sekine     PhD Earthquakes and other disasters; human relationships with nature and animals; the history of seismology; Japan and East Asia
Chang-Chen Shen     PhD  
Emily Sogn PhD Anthropology of militarism, trauma, and resilience in the contemporary U.S., ethnographic approaches to mental health and the application of psycho-medical knowledge in public health contexts. 
Grzegorz Sokol PhD Psychiatric and medical anthropology; theories of subjectivity; affect/emotions; post socialism; Eastern Europe.
Marisa Solomon
Vasiliki Touhouliotis PhD  
Alexios Tsigkas PhD  
Ana Maria Ulloa Garzon PhD  
Leilah Vevaina PhD Religion in Urban spaces. South Asia. The Anthropology of law and property. Citizenship and Minority rights.
Gabriel Vignoli PhD  
Carol Wang PhD Anthropology of law and human rights, grassroots activism, United Nations
and international advocacy, HIV/AIDS, China and the Asia Pacific
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